today is my first girlfriend mary’s birthday.

shes 27. we met when we were one. actually we met at a courtyard on the other side of town. i always hung out over there for some reason, first because of ilka. one day this chick sue was walking around with a tall blonde. the rest is the begining of my life. me and mary talked on the phone for hours, sometimes every day. she lived on the edge of one town and i lived on the edge of another, but because we lived in the far west suburbs there werent a lot of roads so we thought we lived really far from each other because of how far it was to drive there.

then one day they built a road right through the farms and it turned out we lived exactly one mile away. on that day she found out that her dad was transferring to california. that night i decided i had to kiss her for the first time and see what i could do about making her my girlfriend.

i took her to the matthew broderick ally sheedy movie wargames.

the movie was so good i forgot to make a move, so i had to ask her out for the next weekend.

that one was steve martin’s the man with two brains. that one was good too but i stayed focused because she was probably going to have to move away in two or three weeks. her dad worked for a company id never heard of before. a group of undercover superheroes called the xbi.

catholicism had made me incredibly superstitious in my youth. so as i drove her home in my mothers car i said if a good song came on the radio id try to kiss her. this was a tricky situation because the radio in chicago at that time was really bad and youd be lucky if you heard a good song once a week. maybe.

tom petty’s breakdown came on, i pulled into her driveway and i kissed her.

my memory is so bad they made a movie about it, memento. but i remember all of that night. people who know how much i forget might be amazed by what i can remember.

i remember that mary was the best first girlfriend a boy could have had.

running into her that day in that courtyard should have clued me in that i would be the luckiest man ever.

her number was 528-1722.

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