tomorrow is karisas birthday.

shes not going to be 25 as i recently reported on this blog. yes, this blog that states quite clearly that nothing in here is true.

she is not going to be 26 or 27.

shes not going to be 23 or 24.

shes not going to be 32 or 42.

shes going to be 30. 30 years old.

its so easy when you see someone you respect mildly freak out, to say oh its cool its cool everything is gonna be ok, youve got a perfect life, youve got a great truck, a good man, a perfect cat, a great apartment, cool friends on both coasts, and a killer bod with eyes that can get you pretty much anything you want at any time

which is why i dont look at her in her eyes for fears that she will ask me for something that im not so willing to give up, like my virginity.

but i remember turning 30 last year and it was a nightmare for me.

if it wasnt for all that capt morgans and those cheerleaders dressed as catholic girls then i probably woulda jumped off the golden gate bridge.

age does matter, but numbers matter even more. they represent something that maybe used to mean something but nowadays dont mean anything at all.

when our parents were 30 most of them had at least one kid but probably two, they had a mortgage, they had been married for a while and their television probably only got two stations clearly.

now we have hundreds of stations that come in clearly PLUS we dont have the financial and parental burdons of that previous generation. we’ve done it right. shit. in many ways we’ve got it made.

the sad part for karisa is that shes never had a kickass perfect idealio job that totally matched up her myriad of skillz and then compensated her properly. she and i worked together many moons ago and we saw people walk around us making mad green and we would laugh at each other as they passed by and sometimes we’d commiserate and id say its just like what led zep says, your time is gonna come.

sadly our time is taking its time so we have to hang out in hollywood drinking and waiting on that bus to unending success. i have to say that im lucky to have someone like karisa to wait with. and my other friends of course. but karisa is a special friend because she didnt go to school with me, she knew me when i was nothing and stayed friends with me when i lost all that i had.

and when we finally start living the lives of trapped people stuck in their high paying gigs, tied down with car payments and mortgages and IRA accounts, drowning in diapers and private school tuitions, we can always remember when the worst thing in our lives was the numbers attatched to our names.

and im glad that shes finally 30 cuz ive been calling her 30 for at least 3 years now.

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