exclusive interview with antidisestablishmentarian

one of my alltime favorite bloggers

anti says: hitony!

dumbass says: whaddup bro!!

anti says: does your phone number still have 666 in the middle?

dumbass says: \ahahah
dumbass says: yes
dumbass says: 323 666 5555

anti says: that rules. you being a minister, ect.
anti says: my mom has them too
anti says: love it

dumbass says:666 biblically just means that 2/3rds of the world is “lost”
dumbass says: 66.6%
dumbass says: 666/1000

anti says: well…
anti says: that depends on what you believe
anti says: i’ve heard plenty of “ideas”

dumbass says:
well since its a Christian thing, it just means that 2/3rds dont “believe”, thats all.

anti says: i like your theory tho

dumbass says: but the trippiest part about it is
dumbass says: when Revelations was written
dumbass says: there werent that many Christians
dumbass says: but as of right now
dumbass says: on the whole planet Earth
dumbass says: exactly 1/3 of the planet considers themselves Christian
dumbass says: so the 666 has come to fruition
dumbass says: scary, if you ask me

anti says: eh…
anti says: i guess.
anti says: one could say that nostradamus was on point too
anti says: it’s all in what you believe, and if you choose to blelieve it.

dumbass says: no doubt

anti says: that was teh coolest answer anyone ever gave me as a kid, when id ask about stuff like that
anti says: “well it depends on what you believe, johnny.”

dumbass says: im not saying people *should* bleieve one thing or another, i just think its freaky that the Bible said 2/3rds wont believe no matter what
dumbass says: when are you bringing back the blog?

anti says: prolly never

dumbass says: why not?

anti says: buzznet serves me plenty

dumbass says: you dont want both?

anti says: not anymore

dumbass says: but you were blogging every day
dumbass says: you were rollin

anti says: several times a day
anti says: i have plenty to say
anti says: that will never change

dumbass says: did you get burnt out?
dumbass says: did you get sick of the lack of comments?
dumbass says: or lack of traffic?

anti says: i just broke too many rules too often
anti says: traffic i never cared about
anti says: in fact, the fewer the better

dumbass says: yes it can be more liberating with less eyeballs

anti says: i get myself in trouble with my big fat mouth
anti says: more trouble than the blog was worth
anti says: i can get my ego stroked in far less risky ways

dumbass says: it was risky cuz you were talking about herb?

anti says: i miss the blog
anti says: no, not that at all
anti says: more about the personal relationships

dumbass says: oh ahhh

anti says: exes, family, loved ones, friends….

dumbass says: right right

anti says: and i would meet people who never heard of a blog
anti says: and id get jealous of how simple that sounded
anti says: so i hopped on board with it
anti says: and just one day, i logged in to blogger…. and i couldn’t stand it
anti says: i was overwhelmed with the feeling of, “bleh.”
anti says: apathy??
anti says: who knows
anti says: the end

dumbass says: totally understood

anti says: but my ego couldnt take a total loss
anti says: so i still post pics hoping that little sluts will say
anti says: “oh anti, you are so wonderful”

dumbass says: ahahaha, isnt that what its all about?

anti says: and they do, thank you buzznet
anti says: i love that place

dumbass says: whats not to love?

anti says:i redirected my blog to there

dumbass says: so i saw

anti says: perhaps i sent a few people who might have signed up

dumbass says: no doubt you did

anti says: thats my gift

dumbass says: merci beaucoop

anti says: because buzznet rules, and deserves all my leftovers

anti says: one day i intend on leaving you a joint under your welcome mat out front
anti says: i will alert you by email to check when its ready
anti says: until then
anti says: i am outtie

anti’s buzznet page + eano + smelly + jessica + erin

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