its 334am im in vancouger

and because im supposed to be asleep and cuz imn a little bit drunk i will make this a 15 minutes with tony and we’ll call it a night.

first of all i must tip myh cap to the good people of elimitaste, the gum people who have sent me gum and advertised on my blog… well tonight they paid for a tank of gas for the road trup, so thanks fellas and thanks to0 jeanene who had something to do with it too. im confuesed.

had a hard time getting across the boarder. dont ever drive across the boarder. first they make you form two lines of cars. then they dont let either move for a good 15 minutes, then they ask you fore a passport. i was all wtf i dont need no stinking passport to leave my damn country in a CAR. but they swore you do now. so i say alls i got is this drivers license. and they say a dl isnt proof of citizenship.

i was all, since when? ive been to mexico a hundred times… anyways they let me into canada and now im a little nervous about making back into america tomorrow but if worse comes to worse i’ll just friggin go to the vancouver airport and have my buddy at homeland security deport me back to america.

so tonight for some reason i thought i had made plans with smelly danielly but when that didnt happen i called up both matt good and chad ciavarro and left messages and took a shower. when i got out of the showere murphys law they both wanted to do something so since matt was right around the corner he his wife and their friend from colorado all ate sushi on granville. then back to their place for port and wine and board games and petting of the dogs.

then i raomed the streets of vancity which was fun because it made me feel superior becasue drunkards are dumbshits. this one kid seriously punched the glass window of this store and broke it. but the fucker did it right in front of TWO cops! he was all, i was just testing the durability of this window.

dur… so they handcuffed him as his friends called him a jackhole.

then this one guy started puking around the cornerl, then this other guy asked me for money. then i went to a pizza place and ordered a slice and had to listen to these two guys swear that there was no cheese on these pizza slices.

so lets wrap this up by saying i talked to my mom on the phone when i was in seattle and i was gasping at how gorgeous that city is. i have no idea how kurt could have killed himself. life is a mystery, above is me singing karoke to pants last night in tacoma. i sucked but f0rtunealy others sucked harder. pants ruled. she was the hosue favorite.

next year im gonan have two blogs. matt is designing tghe other oen. this one is gonna be dirtieer and sexier and im gonna say fuck more. the other one is gonna be more straighht laced.

im gonna do it for two reasons. fiorst is cuz this one is blocked by lo0ts of servers, so if people are gonna block me then i may as well put titties on here and write porn reviewes and talk more about all the loads of sex i get.

the other one will be more about things i dont talk about here that i should, like spoorts and politics and movies i see and general thoughts that i have like about this sirius satalite radio that ive been listening to almost the entire trip. its fucking insane. today i started listening to the comedy channels fior once. RAW DOG is dirty comedy like chappelle, the other comedy is cosby and seinfeld and pg-143 crap but good.

of course theres howard and espn shows and nprs and all the music you can shake a stick at. this morning all i listened to was the stones channel.

then i turned it off when i got to seattle, and plugged myu iopod into the aux jack and played nirvana as i drove around where jkurt ended it all.

Stiff woudlnt have been around without kurdt and i listened to nevermind twice and all the others once and i miss you kiurt and Stiff if its anything is my daydream that kurt kobain is in heaven and not the place the bible says he probably is.

the official gum of the busblog roadtrip

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