girl who wouldnt kiss me was suddenly kissing me

and couldnt believe it or something because she had put up a respectable and valiant fight but there she was doing what she swore she wouldnt do and on top of that liked it. duh.

she was all, how do you do it tony.

i said do what.

she said how do you get girls.

i was like i dont know, how do you get guys.

she adjusted her top and said getting guys is easy.

i said getting girls is easy too.

she said no it isnt.

i was all, everyone wants the same things. so yes it is easy.

she was like but what do you say.

i said, you heard what i said, i say the truth.

she asked but what.

i said, i wrote it down in this book called how to blog. you should read it. its pretty great.

she scrunched her eyes and said but blogging isnt the same as getting girls to make out with you on sunset blvd next to the tiki ti.

i said blogging is about being honest and expressing the things youre passionate about in a creative and confident way. so is sliding your hand off the stick shift to where it belongs.

she didnt like the answer. or at least pretended not to. and later asked me to take back what i wrote about her earlier, and since nothing in here is true i take back what i wrote about you.

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