id really hate to be a columnist today

cuz what do you say?

if you try to be emotional, nothing could be more emotional than the emotion that swept most of the nation and the world last night. my phone rang off the hook. my email box was filled. twitter and facebook – everyone’s middle name was suddenly hussein everyone was excited. everyone, like the iconic poster predicted, was filled with hope. everyone was a member of the liberal elite media.

this joy was not the universal vibe i remember in the wake of the previous two presidential elections.

as you might recall i have not been much of an obama supporter. i went to one of his first rallies in LA back in february of 2007 and it was ok. he was fine, and it was odd that there werent any metal detectors. just a big speech in a park in south LA.

i went to his really big rally in december of 2007 and he couldnt even fill the gibson. that speech also made me feel meh. in fact the whole time i looked and listened and asked myself, could i be mere feet away from the next president of the united states? and both times i thought, no. seems like a nice man, seems like a smart man, but thats no rock star, and say what you will about bill clinton but bro was and is a rock star.

still obama slowly and steadily made all the right moves. in fact almost everything was perfect in that campaign down to the font on his posters. the whole style was new and fresh and unlike anything i remember seeing in any election, especially a national one. meanwhile his opponents stuck to the same old same old.

be it the shepard fairey posters to the knock offs, to the yes we can, to the song set to one of his speeches. nothing was cheesy. nothing seemed forced.

he was tested a few times, the most impressive to me was when he gave a speech about his longtime pastor, reverand wright. they set up a row of american flags, he walked up to the podium and he laid it out. i dont know about you, but i bet you that is the moment that he won this job. he impressed me that morning because he had a difficult situation and he addressed it head on in an articulate, non bs manner. sorta like the way you want your executive-to-be to handle things. and in that moment i realized that maybe its better to have an intellectual as opposed to a rock star in the big light.

this is a time when we dont need a salesman. we dont need an ad man. we dont need a good ole boy. this is a time when we need someone who is respected internationally who can work together with the globe as many of our most dire issues are worldwide. it is much easier to work with the planet when the planet wants to work with you. ask our coalition of the willing.

some of the best moments for me last night was reading the words from my friends in canada and europe and how excited they were that the united states, overwhelmingly, picked this young man from chicago.

and i thought how great it was that there wouldnt have to be another site like “Sorry Everybody” this time around.

now lets go find osama and finish this damn thing.

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