karisa got me drunk so blame her

she also doesnt blog as much as she should, so blamer for not teaching the world how to sing. also blamer for not understanding that blogging isnt telling the story that you know youre gonna tell, its telling the story that you dont know the ending to. true story:

leaned into kiss a girl a little more than half my age other day. swore shed kiss me if i came over and sure enough reneged on the deal. fair enough. such is the will of the fairer sex. no one said itd be fair(er). so i was all, is that the game we’re gonna play tonight? fine./

which is lesson one of blogging. even though you think you know what the plots gonna be, if youre in the moment you have no idea. cut to dennys. shes blah blah blahing saying take me home so i think about flipping a biatch but instead turn left at the dennys turn left at the next street and turn left at the next.

because women can change their minds so quickly by the time i flipped my signal on the first left and by the time i was ready to turn right and taker home she had loosened the knot in her hair and had decided she was gonna be a good girl and all was well. people say that you can waste your time on certain dates, lemme tell you this, that u-turn that turned into a loop is a moment i will never ever ever forget cuz she was all hell no f this at 9:07 and at 9:08 she had my hand upon her hip lets dip lets dip lets dip.

now do you see why i love mankind?

this morning i woke up in the lusting arms of a young lady completely satisfied that there i was in the perfumed room of a girl who looked so young that when the ID lady slid her drivers liscense last night at spaceland she said are you sure this is yours? and when she slid mine gasped 102? youre holding up Amazingly and i said clean living baby and exhaled.

nothings better than waking up in a new girls bed. nothing. not watching her get dressed. not listening to her pick out horrible music on her laptop. not watching the sunlight appear. not twisting all night with her in the endless dance of can i touch here no stopit whatabout here no STOP snooze what about here.

some nights you’ll wake up with a girl on top of youand other nights you’ll wake up with the pounding at the front door. anythings possible in dating world so take nthing personal cuz its not about you its about entering a twilight zone and yore merely an xtra.

tonight i ate sushi with karisa in culver city and the dude was so cool to us that i wanna die. i dont wanna die cuz the last time i woke up in a new girls bedroom i thought that would be the last time and this time i couldnt believe it either. and every times differnet and every time is asteroids hyperspace you dont know if yu’ll be safe you dont know if you’ll instantly assplode you dont know if you’ll xplode 2 seconds after hitting the button.

all you know is its a game

and everyone dies in the end.

so rock while you have a life to rock.

and a-b-b: always be blogging.

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