you dont know how pissed off i am, america.

and its directed everywhere.

cockblocking from all sides.

including from within, for as you know the calls are coming from inside the house.

today i got all riled up to do some bigtime shit and i marched over to the closet that my computer is in and i did a quick u-turn to procrastinate some more.

i laughed at myself for a good half minute.

we’ll all nerds.

bitches of fear.

compassionate conservatives at heart. face it.

a flip flop nation of walmarts and culdesacs.

not seriously concerned when smart people change their minds on serious topics, but terrified of our dear little homeland getting attacked by anyone other than ourselves.

when i moved to LA twenty years ago n.w.a were living the lives that they would eventually rap about concerning driveby shootings and gang warfare, scandalous police, and a life so dark and hopeless that it would bring a man to the sad conclusion that yes, life truly aint nothing but bitches and money.

sir, im working with the same information you have.

but people who are afraid of terrorism at home have never lived in the hood.

finally we’d have something to shoot at.

and i could be wrong, but i have a feeling that my friends down south would feel the same way about any sort of war here in the states.

talk about bring it on.

so no, mr president, youre not doing me any big favors by getting rid of saddam at the price of $150 billion and a thousand soldiers

infact, shocking that it is, i agree with what tucker carlson said last night on bill maher,

“maybe, in fact, it was better to have saddam, because as bad as he was was, it was not the worst we could get. maybe chaos was the worst we could get.”

and sometimes america it’s time to get mad

but now it’s time to get even.

zulieka + bunnie + the best column about the debates that ive read + welch is back

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