the interview went well,

thank you. even though i said all the wrong things, even though i revealed too much, even though i promised them everything.

“so you’ll be our bitch?” they said. they being two hot runway models.

“yes, that is what im saying.”

98. aaron c.

sadly they had read much of this blog. so they had lots of questions about the xbi.

“show us your scars.”

“do you have bullet wounds?”

“is it hard to quit the xbi?”

“will you miss chopper one?”

i will miss chopper one. that was a tough question. i might even miss the busblog. no offense but what theyre offering is a super creative gig but its a small thing that could easilly be big if certain things begin to click.

and my intention is to help have those things click sooner rather than later.

meaning if there is going to be one casualty in all of this it might be the busblog, but let me tell you a little secret, when i got transferred to actually flying chopper one a few years ago, i sent myself to “hell” with kurdt kobain because i thought, “if im going to be up in the air flying around all day, im never going to be able to update this blog. therefore its gonna die, all because of a dumb job.”

well, we all know that the last two years of the busblog have been hugely successful, not work, not carpal, not crazy chicks coming and going, not the red state mandate, not anything stopped the busblog. if it did it got run over.

i will say this, however,

i am thinking about doing something very interesting on Thursday.

Thursday being the President’s inauguration.

Thursday being the day youre not supposed to buy anything, you should wear black, some arent going to work, and some will march in the streets to protest.

im thinking about turning the blog black

and i definitely wont be buying anything.

i know, sux for local businesses, but how punk rock if they all took the day off and draped their storefronts with black cloth too.

second interview is on wednesday which just happens to be the day i was taking off for my annual visit to the hollywood orphanage, which happens to be mere blocks away from where the prospective employment resides.

i said deliverables today

and i wore a sweater.

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