chatted with my little brother last night

i haven’t talked to him in a long time. im a terrible brother.

i asked him if he read my blog. he said, yeah, every day. he’s a good kid.

i asked him what he liked and what he wanted to see more of. he said he liked the anna stuff and he wanted to see more of my real life. he said he wanted to see like photo essays of an average day in my life.

i told him my life isn’t nearly as exciting as he thinks.

he said, come on, summer is over, how many girls did you sleep with this summer.

i said, one, two, three, four, five, six. but i only had sex with four.

he said, right there! write about that.

i said, no way, people wouldn’t understand. its not as easy as that. people would be confused. im still confused. plus, numbers lie.

so last night i was talking on the phone with my first girlfriend ever, mary, who ive known since i was 15. we were having a great conversation and now that she’s going through a divorce i could finally tell her that i still love her and ive always loved her, and i always will love her.

while she was married i never felt comfortable telling her that because, well, i wouldn’t want some dude saying that to my wife if i was married.

plus, i mean it in a sweet way, not in an oh my god, my life is miserable without you way.

her voice still makes me melt. and it is great to have such a great honesty with someone who was raised a mile away from me and shares lots of the same very midwestern beliefs.

in the middle of it karisa came over to return my battery charger for my camera that was left in her truck. she had just run through the hollywood hills, she had a sweatshirt on, running pants, and a longsleeve shirt tied around her waist, hair was pulled back and i have to tell you, even in that state she is incredibly beautiful. it’s amazing.

so hopefully she is going to live up to her promise of going to Best Buy so i can return this mavica that ive had for a while and exchange it for a better one because i think the camera sucks. what shes gonna do is go in there with me and im gonna say, see this hot girl? look at the crappy pictures that this expensive camera takes of her. and i will take a picture, it will suck, and hopefully Best Buy will swap us out.

in the meantime, above is a picture from the His & Her Hair store on Wilshire that i walk past on my way to work each day.

didnt smoke for the third day a row.

no fucking problem.

peter flowed the busblog $2, which is real great since we’ve been shut out for the last few days. thanks peter!

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