dear tony,

The best thing about having your own web site is that you can say whatever you want. I am cool with that, you are you and that is why people visit.

I just hope you don’t think I am a racist bastard just because I am a Republican.

Kevin Holtsberry

you’d think the guy who has sponsored Blogger Pro for the busblog would have heard this once or twice but apparently i don’t write it enough:

nothing in here is true.

i know it’s a copout. its probably the laziest form of journalism that one could participate in.

but you must admit, it brings about a fair amount of freedom that just might lead to some of what you like in my writing.

do i think Republicans are racist bastards?

let’s see, is david duke a racist bastard? ok, that’s not fair. do i like anyone from the moral majority? rush limbaugh? that old guy from carolina? is big business interested in being successful so that minorities and women can rise up from the production floors and make it into management? aren’t most people who join country clubs republican and don’t most republicans who don’t belong interested in one day being a member, thus fleeing from minorities?

aren’t republicans the ones who are so gung-ho, still, behind this war on drugs and unwilling to admit that its a war that has cost more money than Vietnam and is as equally as unsuccessful, but the casualties are the same: poor minorities, who now populate much of this nation’s jails?

aren’t republicans the ones who hold up Ronald Regan as their big savior even though he traded arms for hostages, brought down the american economy, and paved the way for the Bush family to humiliate themselves again and again?

and aren’t republicans the ones who did everything they could to stop that monster Bill Clinton even though he was incredibly successful at home and abroad, in spite of being dogged for things that the american public didn’t give a hoot about?

other than the only visible Blacks in the Bush administration, what current GOP leaders aren’t entirely full of shit? the former mayor of nyc? ok, that’s one. sen. mccain? well, if the right liked him so much why did they nominate numb nuts?

to me the GOP is a dying party held together only because the Liberals are so splintered, lazy, and too open-minded. the GOP is the only place where you could have David Duke, Pat Buchanan, Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, and JC Watts all claiming to be Republicans and it doesn’t confuse anyone; you could say that Mickey Mouse was a republican and the loyalists would blindly and loyally vote for him, as is evident by our current president.

what, exactly was his plan for america, back then, anyway? and what is it now? blow people up more?

democrats, however, will vote Green, or Libertarian, or Independent, or for Nader, thus fucking up the program for themselves. i should know, in the last elections i voted for reagan, bush, clinton, clinton, and nader.

what do i know?


and i couldn’t care less.

a young black man in america cant look to government to help him. nor should he. we voted, here in california, for pot to be legal to people who are sick. but the republican supreme court struck it down. and the democratic leaders didn’t have a hissy fit, so guess what, it stayed struck down because liberals have big hearts but no teeth. theres no eye of the tiger. nobody wants blood.

and guess what, people don’t feel like their vote counts any more.

not when they live in california, or in florida. so that’s two huge states defeated.

and theres ways to overcome this problem, but the rich will figure out a way to destroy that too. they’re old and slow, but they eventually get it together. they have so much to lose if they don’t.

so why bother to fight them?

that’s why i sit here and make shit up, and talk out of my ass, and exaggerate and lie and put up pictures of hot babes who may or may not like me, but odds are they don’t, because just like this post, nothing in here is true.

so no i don’t hate you kevin, or think you’re racist, or a bastard. you paid for my blogger pro. you lived up to one of the promises of conservatism. your party argues that if you give the average man the money that he worked for he will spread it around, either by giving to charities, or investing in new projects — and you did just that.

no government program deemed me worthy of Blogger Pro, you did.

no paperwork or beaurocracy was needed, simply me asking, and you giving. the whole transaction took about an hour, if not quicker. i don’t remember, i was busy emailing some babe.

simple rule of thumb for this blog is this: if you agree with what i write, then it was true, if you don’t, then it was some bs that i wrote in an attempt to be funny.

the only thing that you can count on being true is that im very happy that any of you are reading what i write and that im lucky to have good friends who know a hell of a lot more about life and politics and writing and being successful than i am.

in reality, im a lazy slob who is alone most of the time, who isnt really all that lucky with the ladies, who is far more spiritual than you’d think, and who has a terrible problem with self-esteem and motivation.

and i don’t know shit about politics which is why i don’t write about them.

if nobody read this blog, or if i really produced what i wanted, i would just put up new pictures of ashley every day and write about how i cant believe that she likes me. which she doesn’t. she likes her ex. which is why shes with him right now. instead of with me.

so i hope that clears some things up.

now we can go back to our Replacements weekend.



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