a gentle reader politely asked for another picture of ashley and her sister

and im always happy when i can fulfill a request.

last night me and jeanine went over to my old college roommate’s beautiful home in venice to celebrate his 25th birthday.

one of the party-goers brought a couple of bottles of Absinthe of which i had a shot to see what all the who-ha was about.

from what i remember, the drink was a favorite among famous artists and writers from Hemingway to Van Gogh and even thought both of those giants ended up a wee bit insane, what a better price for art, so i put the sugar on the spoon, dipped it into the elixir, set it aflame and let it drip into the glass and toasted the birthday boy and his lovely wife.

tasted like Vicks 44.

jeanine helped finish off the blue bottle, which was quite popular at the bash and i understood that although it is not available in america, it is for sale in the Czech Republic. so, if any of my good friends from that region of this planet would be nice enough to send me a bottle or two, please email me and i will be happy to pay for the mysterious drink as well as postage, etc.

last night, unfortunately, i found myself being jeanine’s designated driver.

although i did hope that my one shot would bring me the vivid dreams that all the websites promised, but alas, just like every other night, i experienced no dreams.

it could be because i am a smoker.

i don’t smoke very much. a few puffs each day. but that habit has strangely influenced my nocturnal visualizations and despite popular believe, i do not dream, something that is quite fine with me.

however, recently i have read some blogs of people who i admire and empathize with who also have habits that they are trying — some quite successfully — to kick in the name of their own health.

i have great admiration for these people as will power is something that each of us struggle with.

and because of their courage, specifically their openness to discuss their issues publicly via their blogs, i will join them in my dirtiest habit, that of smoking.

and as of today, i will quit for a month, my stupid little puffs, that really do nothing for me a this point, but it is something that ive done for over 6 years, and it is something that makes me quite angry whenever i am without.

solidarity, brothers and sisters!

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