xxsosaxx: go back to page six, hit refresh

flagrant: who’s that girl?

xxsosaxx: no idea

xxsosaxx: i steal pics from all over the web

flagrant: put somebody pretty there

xxsosaxx: ahahahaha

xxsosaxx: on page six?

flagrant: yes

xxsosaxx: hahahaha ok

flagrant: *blush*

xxsosaxx: any requests?

flagrant: an old pic of kate

xxsosaxx: wow, im so happy you liked the others of her then

xxsosaxx: i was afraid youd think it was cliche

flagrant: no, i love her

flagrant: i ate with her once

xxsosaxx: did you really eat?

flagrant: yeah

xxsosaxx: or poked at things

flagrant: it was, get this, mcdonald’s

flagrant: no lie

xxsosaxx: yay!

xxsosaxx: what did you have?

flagrant: i remember i had a vanilla shake and she had a mcrib sandwich

flagrant: and she ate it like a starved cat

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