lately theres been a lot of new readers

to the busblog who probably are wondering what the hell is going on here.

my name is tony. i’m a blogaholic.

in the daytime i fight crimes and save lives across the meanstreets of los angeles.

i live in hollywood near a church full of scientists.

im a single man who enjoys dating, dancing, long walks on the beach, and creamed spinach at koo koo roo.

i haven missed a sunset in about three months.

i dont have a car, i ride the bus to work, thus i called this blog the busblog.

im not terribly attractive but because the smog is so bad in LA none of the hotties seem to notice.

when im not saving damsels in distress or writing lies in my blog, im either watching tv, listening to classical music, or writing on my web site. people seem to like my photo essays.

my favorite color is peach.

if i had a dog it would be an old english sheepdog.

now that aj and i have patched things up, all of my ex girlfriends still love me.

a few months ago i started an experiment where i wanted to see if 100 people would link me from their sites in a month. they did.

now im seeing if i can raise $1,000 in a month. that one might be tougher.

my favorite rock group is called Tsar.

all my friends are so awesome.

my favorite new olympic event is the running knuckle jump (pictured).

im a libra on the scorpio cusp, but i dont really believe in astrology.

people borrow from my style of interviewing myself in their blogs and thats okay. it’s sorta nice even. but i wish they’d steal more from my photo essays. everyone likes pictures.

i loved ken layne’s novel “dot con” and not just cuz hes my friend. i also loved lynda barry’s “cruddy” and now i want to read that one again.

im a practicing Christian, and boy do i need a lot of practice.

other than this post and a few others, most of what you read here isnt true.

the person i talk to on the phone with the most is ashley.

and according to moxie im way funnier in real life.

i have a million email addresses, but the best one to reach me on is thru my hotmail.

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