me and lily eat lunch every day

when im not on a stake out. the carpal has prevented me from being in the field which is retarded if you ask me because typing up paperwork and writing to you really isn’t helping my condition. but whatev.

the queen of fashion sensibilities, lily is a dispatcher for the xbi. she is our eyes and ears when the shit is going down. she has police radios, satellite surveillance, shes monitoring the bugs, she’s coordinating the agents, she’s organizing and communicating to a dozen people at any given time, and she does it so effortlessly its truly amazing.

she and i are both libras, and i know that i can come across as mr. cool under pressure guy, but sometimes i do get scared out there. not scared about myself cuz i don’t give a fuck, but scared about for the victims or the soon-to-be victims in some cases, and i feel that if i don’t do my job right that i will indirectly either get them killed, shot, or mutilated in some way. so she has the best way of soothing my nerves.

she’ll turn off all the crosstalk into my earpeice and just start talking about rock music.

the last time i was out there deep deeeeeeeeeeep in the shit and alone cuz my new partner was lost, fuckhead, she started whispering in my earpeice about the leader of Redd Kross steve mcdonald’s newest project of covering the White Stripes’s new record song by song.

i coughed once which means “negative” or in this case “bullshit” and she said no, no, its true, he does every song adding bass to the guitar/drum attack and he has it available for free download on the redd kross website and has called the project Redd Blood Cells, which, of course is a play on the title of the White Stripes cd which is called “White Blood Cells”…

her voice and her topics are always soothing to me. i need a bit of distraction because most of the time i am doing things that no grown man should be doing, and sometimes i have to just stop thinking about it and just do it and her stories, like that one, were inspiring to me.

especially after she finishes by saying, “see if steve mcdonald has the chutzpah to add bass to a perfectly good cd, great cd, if you ask me, then you can bust down that door and save that near-death woman and her family.”

the door in question was a foot thick and no one knew what was behind it. all the kings horses and all the kings men and none of our toys could tell me if it was bad guys behind there, or her and her family, or a nice fat booby trap, or a hungry pit bull, or a one way ticket to hell via a shotgun.

but since i am here typing this to you… or am i? then i suppose you know that everything went smoothly and sometimes it is okay to underestimate your enemy because theyre uneducated punks and we’re professionals who do this shit for a living.

as i was driving everyone home, i wondered if Redd Blood Cells was just a beautiful lie because if it was not, why hadn’t i heard about it through Kate Sullivan’s Rock Blog, which i adore, since she is the number one White Stripes fan that i know? and then i remembered it might have been because she’s busy ruling the galaxy and helping add to the already potent posse over there at the LA New Times, who are seriously giving the LA Weekly a run for its money.

anywho, i like the picture of Lily above because it shows how different we are, she is very very asian, loving the sushi and coke out of the can which she prudently brings from home, and i am the undereating american who barely touches his meals chosing the store-bought sandwich and fountain drink.

later lilly leaked that lennat tipped her off about the redd blood cells dealio and deserves all the credit and none of the blame.

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