Oish fans,

is there any end to you?

im amazed.

the cam girl popularity is just really tremendous. wanna see what she has done to my front page? check out my stats, these are live.

Oish is an 18 yr old girl named Teresa who does not get naked, who does not talk dirty, who says hehe after each sentence. not p0rn, not dirty, if anything, cute. cute as a button. and im not saying i know who her fans are, but shes got lots of them, and they all want to see bigger versions of her pictures.

and im sure they dont wanna see me.

who knows, maybe they do.


oish does like the taste of her fingers, i have noticed that. maybe shes just touching an owie.

what else is fascinating is that Chuck from LA flowed me thirty three cents via paypal. sad thing is is that paypal takes thirty one cents out of the first dollar, which means i got a total of two cents from chuch. which might be all he really wanted to send my way anyhow.

regardless, i appreciate the flowage, chuck. thanks for getting that spare change off the floorboard of your truck.

also much thanks to Dan who busted with the five bones. danka!

looks like im being suckered into going to the Dodger game tonight, which im resisting since theyre just gonna strike in two days. but its with good friends, and i told you yesterday that i dont want to blow them off much any more.

so basart, drop two tickets in my mail box, or prepare to pick me plus one up at my house at 6:45.

communicating through a blog.

wasnt that the point of all this?

will i be escorting Oish?

tune in tomorrow and find out.

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