omg, hi free willy!

the name is keiko, tony.

wow, a real life movie star!

tony, you gotta stop talking about politics. nobody wants to hear it, nobody wants to hear it from you, and you’re getting bad advice from your readers.

no such thing as bad advice from readers, willy.

those are people who found your site from layne or welch or doc or instapundit and they love how you talk about politics because you write about it in a different way. once they find out that you really don’t know what you’re talking about or mean what you say, they’ll click over to the next joker.

but… but…

but nothing. plus they’re just looking for a strong liberal voice to build up and then knock down. don’t fall for it.

aw shit. i never thought of that.

and anyway, who the hell cares? only reason people become interested in politics is to make them feel better about not getting any.

yeah, but im not getting any.

when was the last time you got some?

i don’t know, month ago?

and then what about before that?

well, a few days before that. its hard to remember. it was a big blur.

see, okay, see, that’s what im talking about. right there! forget the red herring of politics, write about the sweet lovin that flows your direction.

you just wanted to say herring.

if robert novak or drudge or limbaugh or any of these blowhards actually got any…

blow holes, don’t you mean, willy.

if any of them got any of the tang that you turn away, trust me, they wouldn’t be writing about the fucking sudan.

whats up with the sudan?


but wait, layne and welch write about politics and they have two super hot wives. the rallyingpoint too!

how many posts do you see welch layne or rp, write lately?

not many.

case closed.

willy, for a whale you sure know a lot.

yeah, fuck the dolphins. they aint got shit on me. see Farrakhan speak yesterday?

i did! that guy really can deliver a speech.

totally. sorta freaks me out a little.

i know what you mean, what he says is so rhythmic and smooth and makes sense and he says it with a smile and a laugh at every line.

yes! and no teleprompter, no notes, just busting! did you hear when he said that he just turned 70 years old!

i nearly dropped my hookah.

maybe there is something to be said about islam.

i just wish that he hadn’t said all those bad things about Jews and i wish he would get off this kick that the white man owes african americans anything.

you don’t have to tell me, tony. im half black and half white.

why do all the great black leaders and speakers have to be crazy criminals? jesse, don king, minister farrakhan.

the good white ones are crazy criminals too, they just blend in better.

i also wish some of the speakers before him didnt address the crowd as “africans.” blacks have been in america for over 400 years. they’re americans. and the last thing a racist wants to hear is one black person saying to another, “hello, americans!” makes it hard for them to say, “why dont you go back to where you came from.”

never thought of that.

but i do think that Blacks should get shown some acknowledgement that slavery existed, helped build this country, was wrong, and that the country as a whole wanted to actually DO something about making it better.

isn’t being the freest country in the world action enough? aren’t 75% of african americans in the middle class? aren’t the civil rights laws good enough?

first of all, until weed is legal, and you can show titties on tv, and say the word titties on the radio, then we shouldn’t be saying how free we are.

okay, hippie.

im serious!

look, theres a school of hotties i gotta hook up with over by anacappa. let this be your last political hallucination. take a risk and start writing about your real life and about the babes that really do knock on your door and the ones you let in. no one else is living that life and no one is gonna think you’re a manwhore just because you get some.

au contraire.

well then f them! how on earth are you supposed to live your life if you do things and not do things based on what a bunch of jealous pea-brained naysayers might think? i thought you were different.

i eat icing right out of the container.

i meant really different.

ok willy, i’ll try to be more honest.

and free!

later, large mammal.

adios my favorite blogger!

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