props to kurt

who stoked the busblog exactly $6.66 in the name of Ozzy, and i can get behind that.

In fact, I invite each of you to be as kurt, how many people can we get to donate $6.66 before the month is over? my guess is six.

a gentle reader wants to know some questions about the Replacements, specifically “why did they name their record ‘Tim’?” and “whats up with the crazy graphics on the cover of ‘Tim’?”

he also questions why i would include the lyrics of “kiss me, on the bus” on this hallowed page, and is curious to why a lot of mats fans love that song so much.

i dont know why they named it Tim

i dont know whats up with the graphics, i suppose you gotta put something on the cover

i included the song lyrics of that tune because this is the busblog, and that is a great lil diddy about being on a bus.

and i think that fans like that song so much because it’s sorta sweet.

also, for all the people who liked the words to “If Only You Were Lonely” you can download the mp3 here.

this just in from my man Russ who writes:


Love your blog, but can’t flow you a buck at the moment so I’ll pass on this small tip.

The thing to get at Foo Chow is Fried Eel. Most of their food isn’t so hot, but the Fried Eel rocks. It is a regional delicacy from the (who’da guessed it) Foo Chow area of China near Taiwan. Also, the Mu Shu pork is decent. The rest of the dishes are well… you’ve been there.


it’s gonna take an awful lot to get me to eat Eel, as in a lot. i remember reading a book about babe ruth who used to catch eel with his mom in baltimore, before they sent him off to an orphanage, and how he loved it. and all the hotties who eat sushi swear by the snakelike fishlike snake, but i like chicken and wontons and all the normal things, but thanks anyhow, and anyone who goes to the jackie chan restaurant that we dis(cus)sed earlier this week, Russ has your back.

and finally Greg writes in and asks:

Hey Tony, I’m driving through Las Vegas tomorrow night, late.

Could you recommend a hotel? I won’t be gambling or seeing a show or anything. But I want to stay in a nice place. And I’m constantly flush with cash, because I’m a Republican (try it).

I ask you because you’ve got style. Indisputable.

Greg, the hard rock is karisa’s favorite but it’s off the strip.

now, if you want your car right next to your door, i like the howard johnson’s on south las vegas blvd by the stratospere, definately no fuss.

if you want to live like a high roller, the Bellagio is still the best, however Paris has its charm

at $100 a night it’s the same price as a Holiday Inn in San Diego, but expensive for Vegas standards, but Ceasar’s is my favorite because it’s the eternal classic.

throw a few chips on black.

keep those cards and letters coming. and while im here, lets give a huge shout out to my girl chris who went to a rave last night on a school night giving the middle finger to adulthood responsibilities and had her self a swell time from all reports. God, i love that girl.

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