things i learned this week

by tony pierce

1. my esp is pretty good, i thought there was a disturbance in the tragic kingdom, and sure enough, ashley was finished with me.

2. say that Repulicans are racists, and suddenly they dont want to flow funds to the busblog (i was only just kidding, friends… mostly).

3. i do have the willpower to kick my dirty little smoking habit for a full work-week and not want to jump off a bridge.

4. being 108 years old means that you have to warm up every day before softball practice, not just a mere 30 minutes before.

5. carlisa and her sister are super cool and excellent softballers.

6. Toi Hollywood makes an excellent Tom Kha Kai, and its spicy when you demand the chefs to prepare it thusly.

7. The voters of American Idol are all teen white girls who dont wanna give a sista a break.

8. Rabbit can totally get away with only posting once a week to ten days and people still love her.

9. A. Beam can totally get away with not posting for weeks and weeks, and people still love h_ _.

10. is super rad without me and they should probably take my link off their left hand column.

11. I really don’t have to be professional to be a paid journalist here in LA.

12. this chick is pretty fucking funny.

13. it’s really awesome to have ken and matt back.

14. no-talent radio morning shock jock ripoff artists really can get fired for finally putting something interesting on the air.

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