today is the king of the bloggers’s birthday

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit.

More people visit his site daily than have voted in the last three presidential elections, combined.

Glenn gets more hits than sadaharu oh, hourly.

and if he links you back, his magnifying glass/sun combo literally might blow your servers. no lie.

The magical anarchy of the Internet has chosen this demi-god not because of his youthful good looks (which are far too youthful and good), or his chosen profession (law professor, Tennessee), or his hobbies (underground music), or his ability to read and write about everything on the blogosphere and boil it down to one or two paragraphs spanning a hugely diverse array of topics.

No, it’s because of his incredibly large … wait, this just in.. it is because of his youthful good looks.

I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn at Eugene Volokh’s quaint villa several months ago. Success hasn’t gone to his head: he was very nice, he knew pretty much everyone’s work, he didn’t dominate any conversations, he was eager to listen, he appeared good-natured, happy, normal. Wanted to tell me about the alt-tractorpunk movement sweeping the dustbowl.

All the things that Matt Drudge isn’t Glenn is: solely interested in the facts, not at all interested in self-promotion or keeping his number one status number one, no agenda, no axe to grind, no beef, no nonsense, well-educated, and interested in the finer things in life: family, punk rock, and writing in an intelligent manner.

The masses have successfully identified the correct lightening rod. And theres no mightier or more deserving rod than the Instapundit.

Rarely do i write about him, or link to him because i have no interest in politics, but I have much respect for him, and if anything serious went down, i would go to his site first.

and i am very grateful that he has put me on his links list cuz even though he never talks about me, understandedly, i get a steady 20-25 hits a day from him, and a few of those people hang around. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Once the media outlets get their heads out of their asses, they will do the obvious and make Glenn a household name.

why he doesnt sell tshirts that just say “Glenn” is beyond me.

but they all will, someday, and when they do you can say that you heard about it all here, last.

happy birthday to the only thing decent about knoxville next to dollywood, the center of the blog kingdom,

And now he has Comments. Look out.

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