took the 20 to santa monica yesterday

after work west down wilshire. the 20 line is the one where the busdriver was spit on two weeks ago by a chap who then tried to climb aboard a week later. the bus driver wouldn’t let him on. driver said, don’t you remember me? you spit on me last week. rider hops atop the bicycle rack on the nose of the bus and the driver floors it. needless to say the man falls off the bike rack hits the street, bus rolls over him splitting him in half. payback is a mofo. fucked up thing is the bus driver will probably do 15-20 for murder two.

i got off on sepulveda, walked south past me and chris’s old apartment, past santa monica blvd, past sports club la where the beemers and escalades and turbo benzes get valeted and the stars do their pilates. next door is sportmart where i exchanged my too tight softball pants for pinstriped perfectly fitting baseball pants.

walked back to santa monica blvd, caught the big blue bus #1 (now just 75 cents) to bundy to transfer to the 14, check the little sign that tells you the times the bus will arrive, and i see that it’s past 730pm and no more busses will arrive, so i flag down a taxi and tell him “sunset and barrington” and excuse myself as i change into my baseball pants and cleats.

i don’t know what country my taxi driver is from, but when i asked him how his day is going he looks at me like thats the stupidest fucking thing i could have ever asked him, and i blow it off thinking its a 5 minute ride from santa monica blvd and bundy to the softball park in brentwood.


mohammed decides to take a huge fucking loop around brentwood, hitting wilshire, creeping towards westwood village where i tell him to take a left on sepulveda along side the veterans cemetary making the crazy loop onto sunset.

when we finally arrive the meter says $17.25, i say, “that’s nice, but that was a $10 fare, tops” i hand him a $20 and tell him to give me $7 back. he apologizes and hands me my change.

i take a taxi about once a month. i figure i don’t pay a car payment or insurance or gas. now that i’ll never have to rent a car again to see ashley, if i ever see her again, i can “splurge” and hail a cab a few times a month and still be way ahead. but what do you do when the cabbie completely goofs while keeping the meter running?

hopefully this entry shows you what you should do. and if it worked for me, a guy with baseball pants on, im sure it will work for you.

got to the field and carlisa and her sister were there. such great people. we won our game, they both played excellently, broke a few hearts, and then they decided that they wanted to go to Rock n Roll Thai – Toi Hollywood near sunset and vine. they ask if i want to join them. accompany two super hot fun sisters for thai food and beer and saki in a restaurant that plays excellent punk rock and stays open till 2am?

sure, why not.

we shared larb, pad thai, tom kha kai (xtra spicy), killer brown rice, and some glassy noodle chicken stuff that was completely uninspired, but we drank and laughed and drank and ate and drank and talked about their new business, Pink Cookies, and carlisa said that any of my readers who want to order custom tshirts, sweatshirts, etc. just mention the busblog and she’ll give you a special rate on her already low low cost.

pink cookies is the official designer of the xbi softball team jerseys. which is why we will look so badass.

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