well it looks like the daisy princess is through with me

she called to tell me that she had a good time in vegas, she met a boy, she kissed him, he kissed her back, he needed a ride to anaheim for a big shindig his church group was putting on, he plays guitar, hes her age, he knows some of her best friends…

and the rendevous that she planned with me that could have happened yesterday, but was ixnayed, and that could have happened tonight now has a relatively low percentage of happening.

am i bummed out?


am i surpised?


ashley is a wonderful girl who has a lot more to offer than just a smile that will light up a room. we’ve been super close for going on a year and a half now and she was there when i needed her the most.

shes got terrific friends, great sisters, and an energy that is unmatched.

she has never failed to make me feel incredibly special and super lucky. to her, our age difference was never an issue. even though she says that she never thought that she would ever date a centenarian, she says that i am the exception to pretty much all rules.

i will miss her a great deal.

next to me, not one person has been mentioned or featured on this blog or on my site more than she. regardless of what anyone says about their being more of her on here or less, without her and without her influence on me, this whole thing would be quite different, and i cant say it would be better.

i wish her the best of luck with her man.

in other news, i found $60 in a book this morning.

if this were isla vista, i’d buy a keg.

maybe i’ll buy one anyway.

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