anna called and we were on the phone for hours

once she twisted her ankle we were talking a lot again.

i’d chat with you, but i want you to rest your wonderful hands.

thanks, anna.

i liked your story about rosalita. is she anyone i know?

nothing in here is true, baby.

awful lot of detail for pure fiction.

ok some of it was true. i did get stared down by two gangstas at the bowling alley, but they weren’t Black, they were latino, but i thought that was too stereotypical.

black gangsters aren’t stereotypical suddenly?

believe it or not, but there are twice as many latin gangs in LA than Black ones.

anna then told me a story about growing up in moscow and a russian gang that used to hassle her when she was little. she asked me if she had told me that story before. i said probably. it didn’t matter to me. my memory was so bad that i liked all of her stories no matter how many times she told them.

by hey, she was anna kournikova. coolest girl in school. i doubted that i would ever get over that. if she read the ingredients from a beefaroni label i wouldn’t care.

plus i loved her accent.

and who was i? i wasn’t even the coolest blogger in my neighborhood.

are you going to play in zurich, anna?


when are you going to play again?

probably not until LA in about four weeks.



so why aren’t you here with me?

im here in switzerland getting treatment for my ankle. then i will come visit you.


do you want me to visit you?

yes, please.

have you seen any celebrities lately?

walked right past the Fonz yesterday.


Henry Winkler, Arthur Fonzerelli!

oh, from “The Waterboy.”

They didn’t have “Happy Days” in russia?

In the late 70s, tony, america was our enemy. and i wasnt even born yet, thank you.

i keep forgetting that. what year were you born in again?


i dont know how im supposed to feel about that, anna. is that sexy or sick?

who cares, just love me.

oh, i also walked right by jules asner.

you see a lot of her.

she works in the building across the street from me.

is she pretty in real life?


prettier than me?

how could she be?

Is She Prettier Than Me?

didn’t FHM name you the sexiest woman alive?

i’m not going to ask you again, tony.

no, she isnt prettier than you.

correct answer.


what’s that?

shes tall.

why don’t you change the subject before i fly over there and beat your ass.

little kobe was born last night.

yay for greg and molli!

he was almost born today, john lennon’s birthday.

awwww. i loved john lennon.

even his Beatles stuff?

then we debated beatles vs stones vs zeppelin and we didn’t stop talking until the dawns early light.

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