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speaking of the finest town in the universe i enjoyed the Details article in this month’s issue and liked how on one hand they praised the students for being intelligent and the campus to be littered with nobel prize winners, and at the same time berated the students for being the wild party animals that college kids can be. but mostly i liked the cool pictures. sweet job, Details.

bill quick, the daily pundit, seems perturbed that i would assume that warbloggers would happily cover all aspects of this second bush war, including the cries from the dissentors, like sean penn. instead of admitting that he too missed a good chance to rise above the madding crowd by publishing the entire penn creed (and then making fun of it), quick invites me to bite him.

consider yourself bitten, old chap.

mere minutes after Rush Limbaugh ripped into NYT Maureen Dowd after she calls the president a “boy” ten times in her column on sunday, republican bath house towel boy drudge quoted the diminishing limbaugh generously as if the talk show host’s words had been handed to drudge personally.

msnbc’s “blogspotting”, edited by Will Femia asks its readers if Little Green Footballs is hateful. pardon me, will, but you’re msnbc’s expert on blogs, why dont you tell us? btw, LGF is far from hateful, they just know who their enemy is and they dont let up. relentless is the word, will, fearless is another word, bro. ruthless, sharp, pointed, popular, and seething are some other words that you could use. but hateful is bogus and reactionary and you should take it off your page.

charles johnson could easilly be confused for a hippie who lost his hackey sack. hes a computer expert who knows way too much about the saudis than i feel comfortable asking him about. he has found a nitche and filled it wonderfully. msnbc only wish they had the nads to turn LGF into their 7th pro weblog.

nay has a new layout.

jim treacher makes a funny

the rally monkey is for real.

the hosemonster interviews meesh, and she claims to “know” me. it’s in a blog, so it must be true.

instapundit still hasnt bothered with sean penn, instead focusing on things like doonesbury. say it aint so, glenn.

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