ashley and i went to see “the ring” on friday night

thisismethe ring is the new scary movie thats supposed to be really scary.

so was it really scary?

ashley kept her eyes closed and her hands over her face for the last 15 minutes and then cried for a half hour after the movie was over.

she didnt let go of my arm until we got back into my house and then she wouldnt leave my side until after we turned on all the lights and got the tv going for a little while.

she said, please dont fall asleep. and then started crying thinking i would fall asleep and leave her alone with thoughts of

the ring

in her mind.

i thought the movie was good. i thought it was made well, and smart, with good acting and a good story.

but i think the movie could have been a bunch better if the last scene would have lasted two more minutes. same image, just longer. i think that would freak people out big time in a movie theatre and maybe everyone would go home crying and scared shitless.

i thought about the movie for a while as we drove home, trying to think about happy little things that i could say to ashley. i thought that it’s pretty hard to make a good scary movie.

you need a good monster. you need it to be ruthless. you need good people for it to terrorize. innocent people are the best. the blonde lady in psycho is a nice innocent person, for example.

and the more laws of nature the monster can break while seeming believable, the better.

jurrasic park is one of my favorite scary movies, because if we can believe that twisted logic about dna in a mosquito, etc. equals dinosaurs who could get in the situation of trying to eat little kids stuck in the rain in an explorer, then we can find ourselves in a super scary situation.

and to have a ghost or a demon chase the innocent ones in a story where said evil ones could possibly be real in modern day times, then you have something that might make you not trust going to bed without the sheets up high.

thats a really good scary movie.

in my opinoin, the ring was mighty close to that. and far better than i expected.

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