happy birthday, winona

thanks, tony.

what are you going to do for your birthday today, baby?

i’m gonna sit in the beverly hills courthouse and keep my mouth shut.

gonna steal anything?


what if something shiny catches your eye?

nope, no stealing today. dont hafta anyway.

whys that?

because today is the day everyone gives me something.

what do you want for your birthday, winona ryder?

i want a sexy 109-year-old man to give me a shoulder rub.

is that all?

then i want him to give me a foot massage while kitaro plays.

hmmm, it’s your birthday. anything else?

then he can wash my feet in a bucket of oranges and water and flowers.

thats it?

then i’d like him to kiss my feet with short little caresses and tell me im beautiful.

you are beautiful.

[whispers] no say that at the end, and mean it.

but i do mean it.

you do?


aw tony, you’re the best.

you can steal anything of mine you want winona.

if i did, would you promise to search me?

is today really your birthday?


then, yes, i would search you.

gotta look hard.



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