If the Feds busted into my IE History for today,

other than finding out that i still have a wicked bad crush on Christina Aguilera there are these items:

Meesh is making it very difficult for me to stand up, here in my lonely cubicle. But I’m glad to see that she’s giving Raymi her due props. :cough::tonysandwich::cough:

Although a picture may say 1,000 words, i like Sara’s words a lot more than pictures of britney spears and cher sporting a george washington mask (yes, the pumpkin patches are popping up on the abandoned lots of america, but take the mask off honey) and sara, get back to writing or i’ll post more billy joel lyrics. whatever you do, dont let grad school get in the way of your blog!

reverse cowgirl takes the sort of pictures of hollywood that i wish i could, if best buy would only give me back my camera. fuckholes. anyway, today she announces that she will be featured in an upcoming edition of Playboy. now arent you glad you subscribe like me?

it’s less than three hours before Game Two and Welch types the word “shitty” and yet isnt talking about the tough defeat of his beloved Angels to the dreaded Yankees last night in one of the best playoff games you’ll ever see. maybe he thinks the never-say-die Halos will still pull that one out. shrug it off, pal, your boy Glaus sent a few messages that the SoCal homies are going to continue their mysterious who’s-your-daddy on the bronx bombers. if you missed it the Angels rocked the rocket and mauled mario in game one at the house that ruth built. the cocky mothers nearly got away with loading the bases for Giambi and stealing game one away from the home team. but the angels will soar tonight, my pretties. and welch will rejoin the bandwagon that he is secretly driving himself.

laura crane would give two thumbs up on the Atkins diet if she could lift her left arm. i kid. my mom and sister are on it and they swear by it too. who knew cutting food out of your diet would help you lose weight?

kate sullivan lost her job, LA lost a really good newspaper, the doors of opportunity swing even wider. if i could only find that friggin iguana, i would ask for my fourth wish to be for there to be a real newspaper for me and all my amigos to work at and live happilly ever after. but alas, the LA Times is just far too mighty and good and powerful and well written and well edited and informative and sexy and colorful and smart and innovative and diverse and accurate and free thinking and superior for anything like that to happen in my lifetime, or yours.

Dawn called me a God today, which does wonders for my esteem, which is about to floweth over.

And then Uppity Negro done linked me less than 24 hours after i whined, and alas, the esteem has reached its peak, and then some. excuse me while i kiss the sky.

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