ive held down a couple or so dozen jobs in my short life.

and oftentimes, when i worked retail, there would be a day or a few days when the Big Boss or some vip would come and inspect the store.

they were called walk-throughs.

some walk throughs were more serious than others. but all of them meant more work, custodial type things, making sure all the price tags were up, that all the wires were hiding, that all the dead gaps were filled and that all the products worked.

it was a pain, but once the walkthrough was over, the store was a better place, and even if the review was just mediocre one, or the guy just wanted to say hi to the manager, the store benefitted simply because of the process.

theres going to be a walkthrough here this week.

big wigs that matter a lot to me.

now im not saying that people have to do anything different, or form a human pyramid, or only leave sparkling comments, or buy stuff off my birthday wishlist, or get tsar to play a show here on say october 22, or fill up my paypal bottomless pit machine, or link me on you page, or fix me up with your sister.

im just saying theres gonna be a walkthrough.

i’ll do my best to keep it real on this blog and write about the same things that i would normally write about and forget to spellcheck, and all those normal things, but if you notice a few miles off the fast ball and a foot off the curve, and i dont link kitty being really funny, now you know why.

its nearly the fourth quarter and i’m sorta wishing someone had taken a walkthrough during the raiders’ practices this week because other than the first series of downs where buffalo went three and out, the raiders d has been mia.

im getting agita.

i was thinking about making rally monkey tshirts. i think i may have thought of that idea too late though. you’d probably have to buy them today or tomorrow.

time- timing.

new sopranos are on tonight.

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