last night a bunch of us went over to palermo

a fun family style italian place in the middle of the hip part of vermont ave in los feliz.

you’ll see cops sitting there sharing a pizza, armenian families twirling spaghetti, cool kids draining bottles of wine one after another. they give you pizza bread when you sit down that really looks like little slices of pizza. they give you garlic bread.

if they dont give you your soup, they’ll give you a bailey’s on the rocks to go along with your veal.

mmmmm veal.

they have 8×10 glossys of celebs on the walls, some you might have even heard of.

walls full of bottles of wine and wine and wine. even a few tvs for your monday night football enjoyment.

i was surrounded by good friends and we talked about how the russians should have handled the chechen rebels who took over that theatre. the consensus was if you’re going to gas a theatre of opiates into a crowd of 700, have a bunch of ambulances waiting outside and a large supply of the serum on hand.

ruskies. no wonder a non-war crushed em.

we sat in the little ante-area that had a balcony overlooking us. it made you feel like you were in a little corner of roma with your best girl, minus the dirty pigeons and tourists.

afterwards we converged on my bachelor pad and drank assorted beverages. os loves my cuban rum as much as i do, so it’s always nice to share that with him. layne brought over a perfect bottle of red. kitty bukkake brought over a fresh loaf of zuccinni bread.

i drank beer as we watched the sopranos. weird ass episode.

seemed like everyone smoked. because theyre polite they went outside to smoke but i told them that in my house my friends can do whatever they want, so then they smoked inside, where they belonged.

when kitty left and we realized that we were all dudes, someone asked me to put in some porn.

always one to fulfil the requests of my visitors, i selected something from playboy tv.

it was met with loud disdain.

i replaced it with something a little more spicy.

that didnt please the fellas either.

then i put in something downright disgusting.

it shut them up for a few minutes.

then someone yelled, “why are there so many dicks on the screen? i want pretty girls!”

the weakness in my collection was revealed. not a lot of lesbian love in my cabinet of smut.

one drunken guest bitched until 230am and then i had to kick everyone out.

some of us had to work in the morning.


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