my man stuart found me the pic of reggie sanders getting thunderswapped.

thank you stuart.

do some people get front row access to game seven who don’t deserve it, like our miss heidi who was removed from the game after she added insult to injury? yes, especially in LA.

for example, is John Travolta really an Angel fan? is he really a Mike Eisner fan? how much did Eisner pay him to sit next to him? and while we’re at it, is Travolta the biggest name that Eisner could find to sit by him?

me, i would want a chick to hug me when my team that i’m about to sell, wins the world series in the seventh game.

kirsten dunst? yes, i think she’d do.

certainly theres a hot chick in all of LA who wouldnt want to sit in the owner’s box for the climatic game.

invite hef, bro. maybe he knows where to find some ladies.

if i was disney there would be no way that i would sell the angels now.

i know a lot of people would say that this is the best time to sell a club, but i disagree.

the angels are all young, all under contract, the park is going to sell out over the next few years. they completely own the yankees. most of that team still has some of their baby teeth.

the angels, barring a terrible tragedy know exactly how much theyre going to pay the world champs, and practically how much they can make off them in the next few years.

plus youre gonna make a bundle on rally monkey nonsense next year and the year after.

thundersticks, collector thundersticks, designer thundersticks, special edition thundersticks.

and i know, disney thundersticks.

yeah, i guess theres no reason any one would want to have a few million people flooding the park buying all sorts of angels merch. disney doesnt know anything about merchandising.

they should probably sell.

plus that manager of their seems like a hothead and would probably do nothing but embarrass a squeaky clean corporation like the mouse.

and that eckstein character looks shifty.

i dont trust him.

but what do i know?

i think they’re a starter away from a real dynasty.


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