“never been kissed” is on the plasma tv here at meesh’s suite at the mondrian

t’s one of my favorite movies, but shhhh, dont tell anyone.

i love drew, i love that “dark angel” chick who’s in it, but theres this scene where david arquette is asked by his teen girlfriend “what do you want to be when you grow up?” david is secretly undercover at this highschool and has really already grown up, but he answers her perfectly.

“a ballplayer.” he replies with a cowboy hat on, nodding his head to the dumb pop music playing in the background.

she says, “no, but what happens if you dont get it?”

i want to be a blogger when i grow up.

i want to be as in touch as the instapundit, and as good of a writer as ken and matt, i want to be as outrageous as kitty and dawn and reverse cowgirl, i want to be as sexy as nerve, but i want to be able to be read in a totally pg-13 locale.

i want everything.

anyone who read the “funniest joke of all time,” last week now knows that if you try to be all things to all people youre just going to be mediocre to all people. that wasnt the funniest joke of all time, it just was slightly amusing to tons of people.

kind of like marmaduke.

marmaduke is one of my heroes because whoever made that strip learned how to fill a niche and stay way below the radar.

karisa is my friend because she doesnt let me stay below the radar. she says i should be kicking major butt like all the time. she would be very disappointed if i made a marmaduke, she would want a blooms county, a calvin and hobbs, a far side.

i would be happy just to be out there.

or here.

i get disappointed in so called journalists who write about blogging and blogs and continue to miss the most obvious point of them all. blogging has allowed writers, real writers, and real artists, and real photographers, and real musicians the opportunity to create whatever it is that they want and give it to their audience immediately.

when weezer had new tunes they released them on their web site months before they would ever appear on their new record.

nothing is stopping writers and photographers and artists from doing that.

all blogging is is the technology that allows ideas to be published on the web.

simple as that might be, i want to be blogging forever.

and to get paid for it?

why shouldnt that be someone’s goal?

keith gets to play guitar every night and look like a muppet.

okay theres a knock at the door. hopefully its the houseboy with more mint leaves for the mohicas.

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