not all the emails i get are nice

and i guess i should have expected that once all the tony love hit the world there there’d be a little bit of backlash. and of course there is.

one particular anonymous emailer wondered who the fuck i thought i was to think that i could write not one or two interesting things a day but three or four? it wondered if i knew i was a self-righteous narcissist who really couldn’t write and should capitalize my words and go back to school to learn how to punctuate.

to whom it may concern,

i know im no good at punctuation, capitalization, imagination or evaporation, and i know i’m narcissistic, look at my url, sherlock.

i like it that my style pisses some people off.

i like it that people become jealous of whatever it is that this is. (no, the emailer wasnt the vodkapundit, who i love.)

i like it that some people are so aggravated by their own so-called life that they think it’ll make them feel better by telling me to go to hell.

send me your misery, your hate, your gripes, your jealousies, your anger. your poor huddled massive bs yearning to be set free.

feed me with your fears.

im rubber, you’re glue… but that’s not true.

if it makes you feel better to try to chip away at me or dynamite me or type type type at me complaining about the obvious, be my guest, email me.

if you’re going to hate me for anything, hate me for always finding the good part of a fucked up situation.

your hate brings a smile to my face cuz i know im helping you.

yes, you, the one with the envy issues.

the one with the bad blog.

theres very little worse than a bad blog.

an unread, bad blog, perhaps, written by a lost soul with nothing to say but spelled correctly

and punctuated like a sixth grade teacher whose red felt pen just ran out of bitterness.

in other news, i forgot to thank my buddy sean over at for flowing the busblog $5 on my birthday via paypal. thanks bro!

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