people have claimed

that i am the inventor of the modern day web based photo essay. those people are probably wrong. even if they aren’t, im happy whenever i see a photo essay and i wonder why Mr. Know It All, a fellow LA blogger, a friend of Meesh, and a talented photographer, did not let me know that he has busted with a pretty sweet photo essay?

it made me wonder how many of you are out there secretly making funny little narratives with accompanying photographs.

my first photo essay was created march 15, 2001. it was the day that i signed the lease of the apartment that i now live in.

due to overwhelmingly huge success (three people emailed me nice letters) it encouraged me to do about two dozen other ones since. the most popular one was “dear kids of afghanistan” which i put together a few weeks after 9/11. it’s still so popular that if you simply type “dear kids” into Google and it’s the number one result.

But that popularity was dwarfed when i put up my only risque photo essay, one about tennis star anna kournikova‘s lawsuit against Penthouse magazine this april. i got several million hits in a matter of days. type “anna kournikova nude” into Google and this is 6th result you will find. god bless anarchy.

i have no problem with the human body. but i have noticed that most people who look at my web site and my blog do so between the hours of 9-5. in fact by far the most popular time that people read what i have to type is at noon eastern time. my belief is that that’s when the people of the west coast turn on their computers at work and join the people around the country in starting their day. and it’s also my belief that they’re not interested in seeing boobies with their breakfast.

of course, i understand i might be completely wrong.

as usual.

anyway i love photo essays and if any of you have one or have seen one, please let me know through the comments section below. if the comments are down, feel free to drop me an email.

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