Ryan Adams

October, 23, 2002

Wiltern Theatre, Hollywood, CA

reviewed by anna

oh tony. he was so good. he was unbelievable. and so romantic in a tragic-like way…

enrique was holding my hand through certain songs. you really couldn’t help yourself.

played a lot of songs from his first and second records which was great. not too much from the new record which was fine by all of us in crowd.

smoked like a fiend. would smoke. spit the cigarette out. jam. and then pick up the cigarette and continue smoking. really funny.

he had a persian rug in the center of the stage with a record player on one side and a little coffee table on the other side with a nice wooden chair in the middle that he played acoustic guitar from.

he plugged in and rocked for a few songs and had these two woman that backed him up occasionally on vocals .. and played cello and violin. heartbreakingly beautiful for some of the songs.

did the most breathtaking, slowed down sexy version of brown sugar i’ve ever heard … on the piano. women were swooning and men were even shouting to him.

the audience was surprisingly quiet and let him fill the space with his voice. a few rowdy women would shout in the quiet “You Rock Ryan”! “I love you Ryan” and then people of course shouting back to shut the F*** up. stupid. but, otherwise total silence to allow him to sing his sad, beautiful songs.

we sat up in the mezzanine which is a tough call for a show like this because the sound didn’t travel too well up there. so some of his mumblings we didn’t catch. but the bottom was all open so you don’t really want to stand for a show like this…

he also play Madonna’s Like a Virgin and played along with the record, mostly mocking it.

but we were blown away.


still miss whiskeytown. but i’d rather have any part of ryan adams i can get than none at all.

now you listen to me little missy

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