today is meesh’s 76th birthday!

and if you ask me she doesn’t look a day over 40. friends, this is what vegetarianism, herbs, and yoga can do for you.

meesh is a nature girl. shes a gardener. shes into meditation. once i made love to a girl who was into meditation and she just laid there. for some reason i don’t think meesh would be anything like her. she throws her head back when she laughs, she doesn’t sip when she drinks, she drains. she swoops into a room and dominates quietly with her eyes and her smile and her subtle perfumed seduction.

ive met girls like meesh before.

shes one of a kind.

when i was trying to rally to get 100 new links a few months back, certain readers to this blog said that if they had something interesting to say they would make a blog just so that they could link to me to be one of the 100.

guys shouldn’t make blogs just for that reason. they should make blogs because of this reason: theres no way i woulda met meesh without this blog.

i think what happened was she read Rabbit, i begged Rabbit to link me, meesh clicked my link on Rabbit and fell in lust with me.

ta da.

through meesh i met simone and through simone i met steve coulter, who then introduced me to tsar.

no, kidding. actually, turns out simone once dated a guy who played with keith brown in popsicko and that guy is friends with tsar, and simone had actually seen tsar about four or five times.

hollywood is a tiny place, people.

be nice to everyone.

meesh is nice to everyone, so since today is her birthday, why don’t you go over to her site, read some of the xxx dear abby stuff that shes been writing beautifully, and write her an email and tell her that you’re happy that shes around.

i am.

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