tsar plays tonight at a secret locale

in hollywood. super close to hollywood blvd. super close to where jeanine’s uncle used to be an ob/gyn for hollywood prosititutes in a strip mall. super close to hollywood high.

its tsar’s double super secret rock tour:

Thurs Oct 31 Capitol Garage, Sacramento, CA

Fri Nov 1 Stork Club, Oakland, CA

Sat Nov 2 Plant 51, San Jose, CA

Sun Nov 3 Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA

Sat Nov 9 Lucky’s, Bakersfield, CA

are they the greatest unheard band in america?


are they the coolest unheard most rockingly band in the universe.

you betcha.

if you see tsar in concert will a sunbeam come down from the heavens and blind you and convert you and you “get it” immediately and you tap your little foot and want to kiss a girl on the cheek?

‘fraid so.

time to get it together, people. and northern california, we are sorry that we took the world series away from you so in return we give you our most precious sons this weekend to rock your little worlds.

dont miss em.

jeff solomon

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