i know!

alecia: it took me hours, lol, and it’s so short!

it takes forever doesnt it!
alecia: seriously, i was suprised

i guess if it was easy, more people would do it
alecia: heh, truedat.

tony: i love it
tony: and it makes me happy

aww, thanks man!! 🙂
tony: are you really going to meet up with

kristin in london?
alecia: i don’t know, i’m not sure how her and dc thought

they were gonna get ahold of eachother, that’d be cool though!

tony: name

tony: nickname
alecia: my manager calls me sister

sledgehammer, that’s about it
tony: astrological sign

tony: location
alecia: phoenix, az (unfortunately)

where would you like to be?
alecia: california!
tony: its

a big state, where
alecia: probably san diego or santa barbara

why arent you going there for college?
alecia: because i got a full ride

+ $1500 a year to ASU, and i couldn’t turn it down. i should have though. i might

transfer after a couple years.
tony: what will be your major?

computer science with a minor in business…i think.
tony: what

does your s/n mean?
alecia: well nymphalid means a class of butterflies…i

found it in the dictionary. but everyone thinks it means sex addict, and i normally

don’t refute that accusation. 🙂
tony: are you a virgin?

tony: where are you

going tomorrow?
alecia: london!!
alecia: (london, baby, yeah)

have you ever been there before?
alecia: nope! i’ve never been out of the

country actually.. eek
tony: who are you going with?

the theatre sponsor at our school put it together, so i’m going with a bunch of

drama kids, even though i’m not really a drama kid anymore. dc is going though!
tony: do all the boys like you?
tony: i havent

seen anyone write any bad things about you
alecia: no, all the boys don’t

like me. people don’t dislike me though i guess
tony: who is your

boyfriend right now?
alecia: i don’t have a boyfriend

why not?
alecia: because i’m crazy/scared
alecia: i usually run

from boys.
tony: sorry the pizza man is here

alecia: lol, okay!
tony: omg this is the best pizza

what kind?
tony: chicken pepperoin and sausage

pizza hut
alecia: (i don’t like pizza) but sounds good for pizza!

how on earth cant you like pizza?
alecia: that’s what everybody says! i

don’t know, i’ve never been a big fan.
tony: do you like melted

alecia: i used to hate all cheese…but then i started working

at a fondue restaurant and it grew on me. so now i like cheese fondue, but pizza

is yet to grow on me..we shall see.
tony: you hated cheese so you

worked at a fondue restaurant?
alecia: well there is more to fondue than

just cheese!
tony: fire?
alecia: hehe, no, there are four

courses at our restaurant. that’s just the first one.
tony: soup,

fondue, desert
tony: what would be the fourth?
alecia: cheese

fondue, salad, entree, dessert
alecia: booyah
alecia: 🙂

salads not a course
alecia: kinda
tony: it shouldnt be, at

tony: i guess
alecia: well if soup is!

was it good salad?
alecia: yes, it’s really good
alecia: i can buy

them for $1
alecia: so i do, quite often.
tony: how much

was an entire four course meal?
alecia: it’s usually about $40-$50 per

tony: holy shit
alecia: it’s really overpriced.

how many boys have you kissed?
alecia: i wouldn’t know this off the top

of my head (i promise) but my friends and i got bored in class the other day and

added up, mine was 17.
tony: who was the last boy you kissed?

brian (no creativity)
tony: what was the occasion?

um, we were drunk and i have a crush on him, so why not ?!

was that the first time you kissed him?
alecia: yeah

was it nice?
alecia: hehe….yeah….he’s a really good kisser. i was a

big fan of the tounge ring. 🙂
tony: was that the first time you

kissed a guy with a tounge ring?
alecia: umm, yes. with a tounge ring yes.

are you really going to get one yourself soon?
alecia: yes! my birthday

is may 1…so soon after that i hope. as long as i don’t chicken out!

do you have any tattoos or piercings?
alecia: no tattoos, but i have my

ears a few times and my belly button. i’m thinking about a tattoo..but i’m undecided.

what religion are you?
alecia: i’m leaning towards atheist

but i really don’t know enough about it
alecia: so i guess undecided

are your parents still together?
alecia: yeah, they’re really happy 🙂

do they drink a lot?
alecia: not really, but i have seen both of them drunk

a few times. it’s funny stuff.
tony: do you only have one brother?

yeah, it’s just the two of us.
tony: were your parents strict?

they’re strict about things like school, but they’ve always been pretty trusting/leniant

about most other stuff.
tony: do they know you get high?

yeah, the time a couple weeks ago me and trevor did they could totally tell he

was stoned. so i just told them that i was too and they just laughed at me. i

guess i was good at covering it up though, which is nice to know..

whats your favorite movie?
alecia: oh my.. probably good will hunting,

but i’m a sucker for kevin smith movies too.
tony: how long have

you had your blog?
alecia: i’ve had it since november

have you liked doing it?
alecia: yeah, i really like it! i had an open

diary before, but i never wrote in it…blogs are much more carefree

i think i like reading other peoples more though.
tony: i had a

secret diary on open diary
tony: two actually
alecia: me

too 🙂
tony: ahahahaha
alecia: why was yours a secret?

it was my real life
alecia: oh i see..
alecia: my blog is my real

life…except i think it has more of an emphasis on drinking than i really do.

how are you able to get booze?
alecia: the people i normally drink with

are over 21. or if it’s for my "my-age" friends, we’ll just have one

of them buy it.
tony: what do you like to drink?

vodka and cranberry juice is my favorite, followed by a kamikazee
tony: have a great time in london!


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