people dont talk about good things enough.

if you ask me. and i can sorta understand because ive written sad things and ive written happy things and by far the easiest of the two are the sad things.

the elizabeth smart story is one of the happiest stories that ive ever heard and it still hasnt sunk in.

everyone thought she was dead in the woods somewhere.


me too, and i am one of the most positive-thinking people ever created.

i love the elizabeth smart story.

here in the month of pisces where theres some very serious evil and some insane love, i am so thrilled that there is this story to balance out all the crap of the inevitable war.

if you ask me it’s a miracle.

and i love the fact that the smarts were a lot like the Flanders’s, having family prayer time before the kids went to sleep, how the girls played harp together, how the missing posters said for us to pray for elizabeth. it’s nearly ridiculous how sticky sweet these people are.

which, to me, makes it that much better, because it shows you that good things can happen to good people.

tonight when all of you kneel down for your family prayer time, i hope you remember to thank the good Lord for letting elizabeth come back safe and sound to her family. maybe she isnt coming back as soundly as we’d like, but she is back, and she appears to be ok, and even though everything isnt now good in the world, at least in one little part of america things are a thousand per cent better.

i hope your friday is a good one, readers of these pixels.

i’m going to do everything i can to make it good for me. and then at six pm my vacation starts.

so lets rock.

metafilter is always good, but especially so on fridays.

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