an email from Jeanine

hey there the Bay Bay! read yer blog today – one day I’ll flow you big. Sadly I’ve not been coming from enough abundance lately.

Love the monkey! As always!

But HEY!- you make it seem like me n’ Chris have been all catty or something, like, we’re only NOW becoming friendly or something – WHATCHOO Soam Kahndo DOH-MEH!?!?!?

Me n’ that fine, very hot girl do QUITE alright together …without you OR your commentary, thank you very much! And have been for a while! Or have you forgetten those very RAD pix from the Art Show of one G. Vaine late last summer!?!? I don’t THINK those were staged!!

mmm-hmmm! (snap, snap)

I love you, and am also attempting to scan and send you this great picture I have from Burma (ca. 1995) when the Illegally Ousted and Unjustly Arrested True Leader and Hero of the People, one AUNG SAN SOO KYI (daughter of Burma’s hero in the Fight for Freedom Against Great Britain)- spoke at a popular rally, where all righteous and loving Burmese citizens came to show their support despite the fear of death and torture at the hands of Ne Win’s EVIL MILITARY JUNTA!!!!!…..wait – where the hell is my soapbox….Ah! (scrape, scrape)


Oh- right- Shell and Chevron and United Bank of California, (etc, etc, etc) were too busy being major investors in Burma to actually realize there was A WHOLE NATION of INNOCENTS being KILLED and TORTURED under their noses!!! No – no need for a WAR FOR PEACE over there! yeah- just checking! mmm-hmm!

Sorry- I ate all the brownies, and brought the rest to Kim’s house on Sunday…I could always make more though…it was funny- everyone would

go to eat a brownie, and then stop and ask me if there was “anything else” in the “brownies”! (why do our friends only do that to me???)

love you, talk to you soon!


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