today is opening day

the day where every team still has a chance, even the cubs.

if you asked me how the cubs chances are, i would tell you that they have kerry wood who might have 300 strikeouts this year. i would say they have matt clement who might toss 250 strikeouts this year. i would say they have mark prior who will record 20 wins this season. i would say their bullpen is deep. i would say sammy sosa is gonna hit 62 homers and mark belhorn will hit 45 and play second base.

the only thing missing at wrigley field this year is harry carey.

and me.

and, of course, you.

does nancy faust still play the organ at wrigley?

how sick are you when you know the name of the organist at the ball game?

once i was at old chicago stadium watching larry bird destroy the bulls, this was well before jordan, and i went with my buddies because the San Diego Chicken was performing during the game, and afterwards i got his autograph, and i saw a woman with sheet music going down the stairwell and i said, “nancy faust?” and she stopped dead in her tracks.

and i got her autograph too.

im glad the way this season is starting.

yesterday, technically, baseball opened up with the defending champion anaheim angels hosting a game against the texas rangers. they werent scheduled to be the first game of the season but inclement weather back east made for some cancellations that pretty much showed us how baseball should begin.

the defending champs should have the opportunity to kick off the season. why not?

when i was a lad, i would beg my mother to let me have this day off. and if i was president of the united states, i would make Opening Day an official national holiday. its a big deal.

my mom would usually get in a huge fight with me and there would be tears, damaged bedroom furniture, and some sort of “deal” that we would both reluctantly agree to, but come opening day i rarely found myself in the unfriendly confines of school.

today im lucky enough to fly a black helicopter equipped with many monitors, one of which gets ESPN.

thank you, glorious Lord.

and go Cubs, you bastards.

chris’s brother-in-law (with picture of her sister and cute nephews)

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