hi. my name is tony.

i always get a little freaked out when i know guests will be browsing the blog. theres some heavy duty movers and shakers who will be checking it out this week so i will do my best to put a nice sheen on everything here.

so lets talk about glasses. kristin from madpony wants to know if she looks better in glasses or without glasses.

strangely clippergirl wants to know the same thing.

personally, i don’t know if theres anything sexier than a smart girl, and for some reason the right glasses screams smarts.

for some reason boots are very sexy too. i don’t know why.

you know what else i like? barrettes. chokers. nice perfume. funny pins.

notebooks with my name scribbled on it thousands of times.

i like it when girls write notes to themselves on the palms of their hands.

bracelets with interesting charms are nice.

i also like holes in the knees of clothes. holes in stockings are nice too.

and lip gloss.

bless you all for your lipgloss.

and accents are great too. even the fake boston ones.

kitty bukakke

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