people are asking me about the absinthe

and thats fine. it is a mysterious thing and i cant really say that i am sold on it just yet.

i have not experienced the hallucinations that others may have, i didnt feel the urge to cut my ear off like some, and i didnt get the liquidy gorgeous dreams that helped spawn the likes of alice in wonderland.

all it did was get me a good buzz.

there is another bottle that has yet to be imbided and i hope to do that with my favorite drinking partner, miss poland, sometime soon. the only problem is shes going to be away for a while and i dont think she cares for the stuff any more.

people ask me what its made of, i tell them that i dont know. something to do with wormword.

people ask me if it tastes like black licorice and i tell them no, it tastes like black cough syrup.

people ask how they should drink it should they get their hands on a bottle from a mysterious stranger like i was lucky enough to be sponsored by.

this is how i have been drinking it.

yank a spoon from your heroin-taking roommate. take his lighter too. put a sugar cube on the spoon. pour a generous shot over the sugar. light the spoon on fire. dont get scared. let it cook. dump it into a glass. dont be scared if the glass catches fire.

be scared if the table and carpet catch fire.

be scared if your leg catches fire.

this is all a part of the crazy buzz and strange dreams.

then add a shot of water, stir the sugar cube, make a toast and shoot it down.

even under these circumstances its going to be strong and sweet and will burn a path down your throat that will go down to your toes.

kiss the girl in front of you and then hand her the spoon and repeat.

thats how i drink it.

now there are also lots of different fancy absinthe spoons. perhaps i will invest in one or more if my supply keeps coming in. i think crazy spoons are fun, especially if they are useful.

the point of the absinthe spoon is so that the cooked sugar + liquor can drip into the awaiting glass. i would also like to invest in some proper glasses.

one thing i learned in college is that there is a sacred ritual to getting shitfaced that is part of the glamourous dance and it is what seperates us from the riff raff.

enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

smell the booze, watch the flame, be one with the sugar cube, enjoy the nice kiss.

tune in next week when we discuss how to program your vcr.

reverse cowgirl + dumb monkey + cry of capricorn

what a difference a day makes.

hi month of gemini, you random insult generator of a month. hi.

today for no reason what so ever i feel a ton better.

last night i made an 11-page photo essay of the Tsar show on friday night. i was up till 2am so you better say nice things about it.

and be careful because there is some full frontal nudity.

yes it’s still gray and crappy in la but its beautiful because people said nice things to me last night.

one particular girl is trying to tempt me into doing bad things and when i tell her that she needs to stay away thinks im kidding, but no, you need to stay away.

normally i am in control of the things that i do, but for some reason with her im not so sure i could hold back my emotions and lustful feelings.

dont you women want honesty from us?

heres the honest message: stay away until this clears up.

bad part about animal magnetism isnt the animal part because that can be satisfied, it is the magnetism part because that never goes away.

so go away temptress, go away for a little while, i care about you and i want the best for you.

i hear metallica is releasing their cd early so as to thwart downloading. is this reverse psychology?

i wasnt even interested in even downloading the new metallica because they do nothing for me any more and i disagree with their politics.

but now, just to spite them i want to download their new cd and “share” it with all my anonymous friends.

is this just some genius marketing ploy on their part similar to when they first started out and acquired a grassroots fan base when they encouraged people to make tapes of their first recordings and trade them?

only the devil knows.

speaking of which, i dont want to see any more mean comments in this thing. this is a place of peace and happiness and if you need to be reminded, this is what is ok for comments: questions, praise, links to similar subjects, praise, clarifications, praise, and praise.

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