interesting things happen at the xbi every day. today was no different.

as you can probably guess some of the crime that we fight is cybercrime.

theres money there too. and where theres money to be made you will find criminals, and where there are criminals to steal from you will find the xbi.

some of us have been tracking the progress of the insane goings on of the ftc regarding privacy, namely telemarketers who call people at home.

we knew that they were going to be a registry of peoples names and phone numbers that the telemarketing companies couldn’t call.

we also knew that about 9 out of 10 americans with a phone number would send in their name and number once they heard about this magical solution. this marvelous list.

and we also knew that in the wrong hands, the list could be exploited, and used for a variety of nefarious ways.

think about it: its a fresh list of current names, addresses and phone numbers of people who probably have unlisted phone numbers.

we knew the bad guys would be all over this list.

but we didnt know the feds would be so dumb as to tack on a pirates booty of peoples email addresses too!

and if this isnt a cowbell calling in the evil doers of the internet, then nothing is.

all the people involved in the National Do Not Call Registry patted themselves on the back proudly shouting out the fact that today, its first day of operation, over 735,000 phone numbers were registered with the ftc.

many of the americans registered on the government agency’s web site which asked them for their email address for confirmation.

so let me ask you a question

if you were a hacker wouldnt you think that the best day to hack a site would be on its first day, as it was crashing repeatedly because of heavy traffic and untested spikes?

if you were a criminal and hired a hacker, or a team of hackers or a


of hackers, how much do you think it would be worth if you could get a million fresh names with addresses and email addresses and ip addresses in one day?

and if you were a bad guy, would you simply intercept the packets or would you, i dont know, maybe redirect ten or twenty percent of them off the governments web page and onto yours where you would there take their information and provide simple ways to have that user provide things like social security numbers and email addresses of their 10 best friends which would be rewarded by a $50 gift certificate which would be sent to their “alternate” email address, which they should provide in the box below.

whats twenty percent of a shitload?

rolled in a little early this morning because the 21 caught all the green lights flying down wilshire.

hottest latina girl ive ever seen on the bus, totally put together, thin arms, a pony tail that meant business, and even a little cleavage for the boys, sat up straight and scootched over when a lady wanted her empty seat.

i forget where she got dropped off but im going to have to get in at that time more often if shes gonna be on the bus i thought.

hopped off at my stop, cursed the soda machine for not taking dollar bills and sat at my desk and got im’ed by chopper one telling me that the script had broken.

which meant people in large amounts were leaving the ftc’s webpage and going to one ip.

we went to that ip, we hacked the server, we triangulated the mumuschantz, fired up the bird, sent out the cars, and beat down that mother fucker before regis had met his first guest.


someone screamed where are the other servers.

the dude said what other servers?

these guys had done it all. they had not only hacked the ftc site, but also launched an email spam using previously stolen email lists which told people to come to the ftc site to sign up for the swell list, and even though the link said it was going to take you to the .gov email address it sent you to a different place instead.

a very bad place.

a boot was in his neck, rifles to his shrivelled nuts and a copter above, mine, letting out low frequencies of hyperdirected audio waves that was making everyone inside the dwelling without inner ear plugs suddenly quite pukey.

the xbi agent was asking about the other servers that this guy had used in past crimes and after he finished barfing on himself he shouted out the address of a highrise in westwood and reluctantly offered up the keys.

and from those servers we found previous crimes, smaller jobs, and trails to off shore bank accounts, and business partners, and financial records, and car titles, and emails to each other about their girlfriends and wives.

we had those fuckers broke and terrified before the pizza man brought lunch.

and since it was friday, and gorgeous, most of us left work early

like me.

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Smoking pot doesn’t harm brain function

Fri Jun 27,12:17 AM ET

By Deena Beasley

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Smoking marijuana will certainly affect perception, but it does not cause permanent brain damage, researchers from the University of California at San Diego say.

“The findings were kind of a surprise. One might have expected to see more impairment of higher mental function,” said Dr. Igor Grant, a UCSD professor of psychiatry and the study’s lead author. Other illegal drugs, or even alcohol, can cause brain damage.

His team analysed data from 15 previously published, controlled studies into the impact of long-term, recreational cannabis use on the neurocognitive ability of adults.

The studies tested the mental functions of routine pot smokers, but not while they were actually high, Grant said.

The results, published in the July issue of the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, show that marijuana has only a marginally harmful long-term effect on learning and memory.

No effect at all was seen on other functions, including reaction time, attention, language, reasoning ability, and perceptual and motor skills.

Grant said the findings are particularly significant amid questions about marijuana’s long-term toxicity now that several states are considering whether to make it available as a medicinal drug.

In California, growing marijuana for medical purposes is legal under a voter-approved law.

The UCSD analysis of studies involving 704 long-term cannabis users and 484 nonusers was sponsored by a state-supported program that oversees research into the use of cannabis to treat certain diseases.

Anecdotal evidence has shown that marijuana can help ease pain in patients with diseases like multiple sclerosis or prevent severe nausea in cancer patients, but the effects have yet to be proven in controlled studies, Grant said.

The UCSD research team said the problems observed in learning and forgetting suggest that long-term marijuana use results in selective memory defects, but said the impact was of a very small magnitude.

“If we barely find this tiny effect in long-term heavy users of cannabis, then we are unlikely to see deleterious side effects in individuals who receive cannabis for a short time in a medical setting,” Grant said on Friday.

In addition, he noted that heavy marijuana users often abuse other drugs, such as alcohol and amphetamines, which also might have long-term neurological effects.

Some of the research studies used in the analysis were limited by the numbers of subjects or insufficient information about factors like exposure to other drugs or whether participants suffered from conditions like depression or personality disorders.

“If it turned out that new studies find that cannabis is helpful in treating some medical conditions, this enables us to see a marginal level of safety,” Grant said.

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my second favorite magazine Rock Illustrated apparently reads the busblog hourly

waiting for me to update throughout the day and was curious about some of the things that i was writing about yesterday.

they asked me if i could write “straight”. and the woman who was asking me this, i think was considering me to write for her one day. and i said of course i could write “straight”.

she asked me why i didnt in my blog.

i told her that it was because i was afraid that all the people who read it currently would go away. but then i retracted that and said that its not as much fun for me to write that way.

i explained that it was a lot like pitching in baseball. if you have a guy who can throw a great curveball and a great knuckler and a great split-finger pitch, “junk” as the pundits call it, you really dont need a 90 mph fastball.

to which she argued that if i could master that fastball it would appear to be a 98 mph one in comparison to that “great” sweeping 75 mph curve.

and i agreed with her.

and then there was silence on the phone.

and then i said, so how many pitchers and writers do you know with great “junk” and a great fastball?

and she said none.

and i said thats why im working on my spitter.

man was mumbling on the bus behind me today in spanish. i kept hearing a click after he would say whatever it was that he was saying.

silly me, i thought that he was talking into a tape recorder to capture his insights as we bounced down wilshire blvd.

when i got up to get off the bus i saw that his head was up against the glass, his eyes were closed and all along he had been talking to himself in his sleep and his dentures were clicking.

it was really nice driving karisas mr2 when we drove home last night in the dark and steamy night through the valley.

i shared this with her and she told me that i really need a car and i said i didnt agree with her.

she said, but you could go anywhere you want at any time.

and i said where would i go?

and she said anywhere.

and i said all i want to be is in hollywood or on the wessside.

and she said thats it?

and i said, well, and with you, of course.

and she smiled and a twinkle glimmered in her eye and like a shot we were through the valley and almost home.

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sometimes the stars shine so dimly

that you have to look closer and when you do you see youre surrounded.

paris canceled our date tonight which made me happy cuz secretly i wanted to take karisa to see beck. i get nervous around karisa but i get super nervous around paris cuz i dont know her at all. does anyone?

karisa makes me nervous cuz i always want to impress her. theres pretty much nobody who gets me that way anymore, and im getting over it because we’ve been close friends for going on, what, 40 years now? we’ve done tons of ridiculous things that if she still likes me after all that then i guess she always will.

tom waits is on my winamp and the riaa can suck my cock. santa barbara was warm tonight and beck was hot. speculation arose between yours truly and the mass girl as to whether mr. hanson had snorted a few rails of the pure stuff because the first four numbers were performed in a maniacal, decidedly herky jerky teeth grinding manner that isnt at all like his newest offering of easy listening drones.

i dont want to give up on our local genius but the salsa isnt as tangy as it once was but the kids at the county bowl didnt mind, they passed their joints around and dialed up their best friends on their cell phones and held them up to the sweet songs and karisa and i looked up into the night and the stage lights flickered but you know what, i dont go to beck concerts to slowdance which is too bad cuz there were plenty of moments for lots a that.

you may have known that beck fired most of his band after he decided to dive headfirst into the controversial religion that he has admitted to belonging to. me, im still pretty much in the closet about being a Christian, which is probably the most controversial of all religions. and if he had asked me, which he didnt, i would have invited him to hire a band full of satanists, since they always make the best music, instead it looked and sounded like the amish got the vote: they were nice, white, and forgettable. they attempted to keep up with their maestro and jerk around like his previous band but they were a pale imitation lacking of any soul or majesty.

when beck sang about two turntables and a microphone, there was nary one turntable on the stage, let alone two.

that is not to say that the show was without its warmth, and charm, and delight, and amusement. beck loves to dance, he loves to play crazy instruments, he loves to do the robot, he loves to rock the mic. and tonight everyone loved beck right back.

he played a lot of the crappy new stuff and lots of the classic old stuff. he played a cover that was so perfect i wont even reveal it’s title because he is playing friday night in irvine and i wouldnt want to spoil it for you. it was a great song selection, if only the band could play the music.

im hypercritical about beck because he is the new bob dylan and that is a lot of pressure, so what. we all have our crown of thorns to sport, write another Loser, blondie. and ixnay on the gram parsonsay.

we had pit seats. so close you could see the singers eye color (black). so close i could see that he had put his guitar pick in the neck of his guitar to produce a very unique sound when played through a series of pedals ment to produce the feeling of dread and itchiness.

theyve added restrooms underneath the stage in the 74 year old county bowl, parking is still suprisingly simple, and the people are soft and cheery and happy and lucky.

we saw the future of rock n roll tonight, karisa and i, and as soon as he quits fucking around with all the bullshit thats distracting him, he will rise again, regain his throne, and make music that theyd have a harder time playing in elevators.

we drove home down the 101, just 90 minutes and we were back in hollywood where we belonged. halfway down karisa let me take over the controls of her z cuz she was so tired and we had realized that beck had never said goodnight to the crowd, or introduced his band, or thanked the openers, and once again we had to forgive him.

hey buddy, quit your job blowing leaves.

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