for her 22nd birthday, clippergirl said that all she wanted

was for me to put my picture on her favorite blog, the busblog.

so there you are honey. i took it while watching ‘my favorite wife’ using a double exposure red eye reduction flash that if you whip around it will capture a bright image like a tv screen.

me and clippergirl met in an alley off the sunset strip.

she was ducking out for a sneek-a-toke and i was pissing on a dumpster.

our eyes met and i told her that if she told me her number that i would remember it, and that i dont remember anything.

she said, dont you want to finish what youre doing first.

i shook, zipped and then i listened.

me and clippergirl have had a pretty good deal going for what, two years now, it seems like a lot longer and maybe it is longer, who knows anymore.

i dont mind that she breaks the rules and dates nba superstars, she doesnt mind when i make echo noises when im kissing below her belly button.

ok, she does mind that. but she knows im kidding.

we kid a lot. i like to kid.

clippergirl and i dont drink very much. we just watch tv and hold hands. she wears sexy clothes and i wear different hats.

the last time we hung out i wore a stove pipe hat on account of the rumor that abe lincoln was gay.

she wore this see thru mini skirt and a little bippy top.

she doesnt eat much which is good for me cuz i eat like a pig.

her brother says that she has never been as happy as right now and i tell him its cuz of the dude shes been dating and he says no, that its me.

shes good at chess and once she starts speaking french its hard to get her to stop.

if she wasnt the wrong sign i would ask her to be my girlfriend but i know better than that.

anyway, happy birthday to my favorite cheerleader.

when you get back from maui i have a nice present for you.