it’s hard to root for the mighty ducks.

trouble starts every time you catch yourself rooting for a team called the mighty ducks.

then theres the fact that theyre an orange county hockey team.

fuck orange county, fuck hockey in orange county, fuck the ducks.

im into puck as much as the next guy, and in hollywood the next guy doesnt give a cluck about puck, and i give less.

i grew up in the midwest and my friends played hockey. i know hockey.

i was able to hang out with the girl who would be my first girlfriend because of hockey, so it’s not like i dont appreciate it. i do.

and because i do i feel weird rooting for the maroon and teal.

down with disney.

are they my hometown team? no.

the la kings are my hometown team.

eazy-e never wore a mighty ducks hat, therefore neither will i.

and shit.

in other news i still havent done my laundry.

in other news i love my tivo.

in other news i told the pretty girl at work that she missed out on a naked man by not going to the tsar show, she didnt seem all that impressed.

in other news, wormhog flowed the busblog ten bones.

57. wormhog

in other news my new best friend wants to send me more absinthe from overseas.

bless you, mysterious stranger.

yes, more please.

we took one down and passed it around, now theres only one bottle of absinthe one the wall.

why cant all of you send me wonderful gifts like my man did?

except for you, artistic woman who sent me two color photographs in a hand drawn envelope.

bless you too.

hell, bless you all.

even you mighty ducks of anaheim.

least intimidating sports franchise ive ever witnessed.

which may be their secret weapon.

that not so fresh feeling + lamelist + anti

eastern europe is in the house.

im feeling better this afternoon. im not sure whats wrong with me.

maybe its the month of gemini. im all crazy inside. im all happy happy sad sad. now im mellow mellow.

i still dont want to work.

im on a government mandated fifteen minute break so i can answer all of the fan mail that i have been getting.

the first piece of business is to answer the question as to why i am putting these beauty queens on here day after day after day after day. the answer is simple. it is to promote my favorite beauty pagent, the Miss Universe pagent.

many people have approached me and told me that the busblog is a pretty sweet marketing platform and i look at them and say whaaa?

then they stuff money in my pockets and tap me on the back and leave after whispering things like talk about this, or talk about that.

is this to insunate that the busblog can be bought? you bet your bottom dollar. its just zeros and ones hippies and if the ones go infront of the zeroes then alls good in the hood.

meanwhile enjoy the parade of smiling faces and imagine the possibilities.

people ask me if i will promote this or that and without the proper zeroes and ones the answer is no.

then the correct ones appear magically and they ask if i would be kind enough not to say fuck this or fuck that and i say maybe.

then more zeroes and ones appear and poof the curse words disappear.

dont call it a sellout, ive been selling out for years.

every day that i walk into a profession that im not totally in love with and do the work of the man while he laughs at my lack of courage to go for the gold is a sell out.

if somehow i can weave the will of one with the art of another, thats not selling out, thats just beautiful.

and if i can get paid, then thats fucking rad.

heres to making dreams come true.

next year it wont be free, mr. trump.

brian has a good picture of karisa + bitchen + shark bitten + kate sullivan makes me love rock

hi miss serbia

chicago bears fans

hi tony, but i am sorry to say excuse me please but i am miss serbia and montenegro

you’re so damn hot that you won miss serbia and miss montenegro?

no, i am simply representing both countries.

your name is Sanja, which rhymes with mange, which means eat?

i dont understand the question.

did you like the Matrix, miss serbia?

i liked the original matrix, but not so much the second one, but then i saw it again and liked it much better, yes.

do you like italian men?

no. i like french men.

i believe this interview is over.

and pale skin african american men.

suddenly we have a little more time.

and men named tony.

do you like my little paunch?

may i touch it? yes, i like it, and it is little.

ok, thats not my paunch.

what’s that? shazam!

is that a good shazam or a bad shazam?

shazams are never bad, tony.

what’s life like in serbia and montenegro?

war-torn, rugged, spectacular, unforgetable.

so youre saying if i would propose to you right now and make you an american you would do it in a second?

in a heartbeat, belly boy.

how do you say goodbye and thank you for holding me during this whole interview in serbian.

i like to say it with a kiss.

moxie + fragrant + sk smith

hi miss italy

hi tony. tony are you italian?

do you like italian men?

i love italian men.

then yes, i am italian.

where in italy are you from tony?

im more italian-american.

where are your parents from?


im from firenze.

florence? i spent my 21th birthday there.

i hear youre very old. is that true?

sadly, yes.

dont be sad, i like older men.

i love you miss italy.

arent you sweet.

yes i arent.

do you think i will win this pageant?

yes. i think you’ll win because you look like former E! personality jules asner.

oh! i like her!

yes, me too. do you mind if i call you jules for the rest of this interview?

not at all. mind if i call you kmetko?

not one bit, jules.

isnt this lovely, kmetko?

will you hold my hand, jules?



you have a strange hand, did you have an accident when you were a child?

thats not my hand, but yes i did.

wormhog + xtracyx + science blog + mad pony kristin

its fucked up and cloudy and gray and noisy and monday

here in the city of angels and i cant say im in the very best moods.

on paper i really should be. on paper i should be one of the happiest people around. but theres a reason we play the game, now, isn’t there.

i think my head is as gray as the horizon because my best friends sorta ditched me this weekend.

one is in love, the other… well, its not so unusual.

it looks like there might be some major changes in the busblog and i need these two people to give me advice and clarity and encouragement. i don’t rely on that many people and im not one to really whine about friends so maybe i should shut it.

anyhow, anna, im sure you’re in love with enrique, and i know this is your honeymoon, but you told me that you were going to help me with the redesign. this is no time to go off and get hitched.

today i don’t want to be at the xbi but i have to go in earlier than normal. that blows.

i get to leave earlier than normal so that’s fine.

sometimes i think people totally understand where im coming from, then i think people don’t understand me at all.

i think im so easy to get along with.

gray skies of hollywood why do you cover my dear city so?

if i wanted this shit i would still be living in frisco.

i still haven’t seen the matrix two, i still haven’t seen bruce almighty, or nemo, or anything.

i have to cover for this guy in security and as i type this every two seconds a door opens behind me and its distracting and jarring cuz nobody should have a desk with a door behind them. not in this business.

i got hbo restored to my directv a few weeks ago and its been nice watching reruns of the sopranos.

yesterday was the first day that furio worked in america.

lane + jimmy t + lane + layne