theres nothing i would like more than to please miss pamela anderson.

but shes going to have to do more than wear lettuce for me to stop eating meat.

welch and i were at a taqueria the other day and he ordered the goat burrito.

everything is in spanish at midnight tacos on santa monica and vermont so i ask for the pollo burrito no onions and everything usually works out fine.

but welch is so badass that not only did he order the goat burrito but he prounced it in perfect spanish rolling the r’s and everything.

i guess you learn those things when youre living in prague and budapest or married to a superhot frenchwoman.

midnight tacos is famous for their beef tongue burritos which looks like tongue when they pull it out of the sauce with the tongs but once they split it open with the big knife it looks like ground turkey.

people order tounge at a 2:1 ratio over the pollo at this 24 hour secret treasure of east hollywood right above the vermont and santa monica subway stop.

but when welch ordered the goat the normally speedy white dress shirt, bowtie wearing mexican man had to pause and consider his options.

he pulled the goat meat from one of the warming dishes and placed it on the cutting board to chop it up real good.

he prepared the sloppy thick meal and wrapped it up and charged us two fittie each and we went on our way.

we ate and i asked hows the goat and welch said ggggggggggood.

tofu doesnt do that to you pamela.

coyote + fragrant + earth-info + pillows

hi friday the thirteenth

im sorry what i said earlier. i take it all back.

today was pretty shitty for most of the day. nothing seemed to go right. my commander had me fly in a little early to have a sit down with me. feelings were hurt. etc.

and then cake was delivered and a pretty girl was talked to and nervousness went through me and now i feel 78 again.


ah, gemini, you month of change. what other crazy amusement park rides of emotions will you put me through?

im going to take the bus home, im going to inspect the job my new maid did, im going to put on my pajamas, im going to drink a bottle of rum, im going to order a pizza, im going to see what tivo stoked me with.

then im going to pass out on my leather couch as the phone rings off the hook and as cheerleaders pound on my door.

then im going to wake up in the wee hours and i will make myself some hot chocolate and update my fantasy baseball teams.

then im going to read the bible and lay myself to sleep.

then im going to wake up and begin the beguine.

friday the thirteenth thanks for letting me appreciate the good times that i do have. without cold we dont appreciate warm. without dark we dont appreciate light.

without twosomes we dont appreciate threesomes.

without turmoil we dont appreciate bliss.

merry christmas, friday.

happy new year.

jumping people + dr. t + bukakke gone wild

today is friday the 13th.

fuck you friday the 13th.

very few things are going down today at the agency without a struggle. i hate it. i want to go home. i want to go home right now. i dont want to do anything but go home right this minute.

im on my lunch break. im writing you. i wrote the hottest girl here and sorta asked her what shes doing tomorrow. ok i did ask her what shes doing tomorrow. i asked her two other dumb questions. maybe she will think im dumb for asking. thats fine. i am dumb. and im dumb for asking.

i asked her if she liked scary movies and i asked her if she liked reggae.

i was invited to a birthday party tomorrow that im not sure if i can go to. but if i can i want to go with this gurl.

its a little more sunny here in la than its been but friday the thirteenth is here and doesnt want it to be too nice.

this is the month of gemini. things are supposed to be good this month. what the hell is happening?

i watched, and enjoyed the amazing race last night.

i have a new maid who should be in my apartment right now saying aye carumba!

the old maid was caught stealing.

she took my old mavica.

this new guy at the xbi followed her home and then went through her things and found some stolen rubber gloves, and coffee mugs from some restaurants. weird little things that cant bring in too much money, but some thieves are like that.

so many more interesting things for her to steal from my mansion and yet she didnt.

very odd.

people are so weird.

but fortunately theyre weird in super nice ways too.

but still, fuck you friday the thirteenth. today i miss karisa just that much more.

dc + splink + treacher

the other day i alluded to two of my friends

who are my heroes. i have several friends who are also my heroes. kate sullivan is very near the top of that list.

today if you live in los angeles and youre one of the many who pick up the LA Weekly you will see a campy retro portrait of Rodney Bingenheimer, a hollywood icon, wonderfully featured by our very own kate.

rodney has been a fixture in punk alternative and underground music here in southern california since the advent of radio.

in a town of famous radio djs rodney is not only still standing, but rocking out just as hard.

the way things go in la radio are like this: rodney discovers it on kroq on sundays around 11pm, the college station kxlu plays it for months, then when that band comes out on a major label rodney will play it again, then kroq will play it in the daytime, then a video will get made, then mtv will play it, then it will become huge, then the rest of the country’s “modern rock” stations will play it.

rodney has introduced the fine music of the sex pistols, the ramones, the go gos, x, the clash, black flag, depeche mode, the smiths, wham, the bangles, nirvana, blur, elastica, the strokes, the white stripes, and now the donnas.

if you want to see the future of rock go no further than the Rodney on the Roq show.

rodney is a big fan of girl groups. hes a big fan of japanese girls. hes a big fan of brit pop. and he even had tsar headline one of his club dates.

i love rodney and i love kate and i love that they melded minds and got a cover story out of it.

apparently the LA Film Festival will be screening a documentary about rodney which the weekly says is the centerpiece of the festival.

he’s the mayor of the sunset strip, what more would you expect?

i love rodney not just because he has championed new music that i have ended up loving, like Teenage Fanclub and Shonen Knife, but because he does it with a wimpy ass totally real voice that sounds nothing like what you’d expect from a quote unquote dj on la’s most influential radio station..

i love him because he’s loyal to his favorite bands and artists, i love him because hes one freaky dude, and i love him because i have run into him at canter’s, clubs, and the now defunct rocknroll dennys next to guitar center and he was always nice and even once posed with me for a picture.

what more could you want from a legend?

i love kate because shes hot, gives great hugs, and not only meets all my favorite people but gets paid to write down what they say to her.

long live kate and long live rodney.

kate sullivan meets rodney bingenheimer