hi, im back in palm springs

where its dusty and windy and the hotties are sexy.

but im having a bit of a moral dilemma.

as you may know im a bit paranoid about going to heaven. i would really like to go. so i don’t want to do things that go against the good book, let alone the ten commandments.

things written in stone hold a symbolic importance to my mind, for some reason.

so the problem is i am here in our villa in palm desert . i have hooked up the directv which i drove back to la last night to retrieve and hooked up this morning just so i could watch game two of the cubs / sox interleague game at wrigley.

but its not on wgn, and its not on my baseball package.

the only game they want me to watch today is the dodgers / angels game.

i don’t want to watch the dumb dodgers / angels game.

i want to watch the dumb cubs / sox game.

why have crosstown rivalry weekend if on saturday you wont let me, the directv major league baseball package subscriber, access to those games? i’d like to see all of them. especially the reds / indians game… oh wait, for some reason they’re not playing each other this weekend, even though the mets / yanks, rangers / astros, marlins / devil rays, dodgers / angels, and cubs / sox are… strangely the phillies and pirates aren’t playing each other this weekend either.

see how screwed up everything is?

now the dilemma comes in the form of a pirated Directv card which if slid into my receiver box would allow me, here in palm springs, to watch the local, blacked out, chicagoland tv station which is broadcasting this game only in and around chicago.

my question is, is it stealing if you cant buy it for any price, and yet its in the air in your house?

1. i would buy it.

2. it’s not for sale.

3. it’s in the air in my house.

4. i thought this was the land of the free.

5. i thought republicans wanted less government.

6. i am now forced to “watch” it through Yahoo GameChannel like a common nerd.

7. yes i brought my computer back to the villa after i dismantled my directv which isn’t at all nerdy.

hey, libras + if i ever traveled across the usa i’d wanna stop by here, and see all of america’s twine balls.