hi america, im in palm springs still, where it’s hot.

im typing you from the conceirge desk at the fabulous hotel. id tell you which one but its top secret. they dont have a computer room or an “office center” or a “business center” or anything along those lines but they do have a cool computer with a flat screen next to the conceirge for checking ones email, etc.

last night i got jacked at the kinkos. i thought i was paying $12/hr for internet access but when i was done they charged me $24/hr because i was sitting at “the design station”, whatever the hell that means.

funny thing about me is that i wont really argue about being overcharged if Black people are involved. especially in the big money world of Palm Springs.

i had so many things i could have told them like “well you told me to sit over there” and “this is why you will be working at Kinkos at midnight the rest of your life”. but i take it easy on my people.

someone has to.

plus im living a dream life.

if i were to travel the country and write about it, i would want to hook up some sort of arrangement with Kinkos i think because it is great to have something around 24/7 where i could get on the web whenever i wanted. for example what if my laptop broke or got stolen.

this hotel is great and when i get back i will upload pictures and tell you all about it.

in the meantime i hope my internet heroes will post a few more classic posts from the busblog’s near two-year run.

i would hate to have you bored wherever you are because i am taking a few days off here in the 100 degree dry heat.

its really spectacular here.

i dont know why i dont come out here more often, it really is a “short two-hour drive.”


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