hot as shit out here today

weird day. weird week. weird everything.

i just got interviewed by my favorite magazine Black Webmaster.

ive been interviewed by them before, but things get f’ed up and i never end up in there. thats cool. i dont do this for fame, i do this for the ladies. but you know that.

the last person who interviewed me from there got fired or killed or quit or something, who knows and then they got someone else to follow up and then someone else, and today a super cool guy called me up and we had our little chat.

i sweat when i write and i sweat when im being interviewed. the literal juices flow, i suppose, its weird and now i wish i had brought another shirt.

he asked all the regular questions except for the ones that i thought he was going to ask me about.

the original article was supposed to be about the dearth of Black bloggers. and so i thought that this article was going to be about Blogger tools that i use. but i guess that wouldnt be much of an article cuz all i pretty much use is Blogger Pro, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. And then of course YACCS for the comments, and Site Meter for the counter.

first question he asked was if i had a Bio on the blog and i said no so he asked, “so then who is tony pierce?”

stumped me on that one so we moved on.

i told him about the Daily Nexus were all of our friends met, and about the Creative Studies college at UC Isla Vista cuz that one-two punch got me excited about writing and provided me with the chance to write every damn day.

then he asked why i wrote. what motivated me. and i told him that it was nice to get immediate positive feedback, and presents from people pierce, 4845 Fountain Ave. #15, LA, CA 90029 , and donations, and dates with hot babes.

he said, really you do this for the babes?

i said, oh yes.

he asked, and how is that going?

and i said, amazingly well.

then he asked some more hard questions, like what posts im most proud of, and i couldnt think of any. it was tough.

i told him about the Dear Kids of Afghanistan photo essay and the Anna Kournikova photo essay but all i could think of for pure writing was my disses on Bob Costas.

so this is where you come in, generous readers, and this is the perfect time to ask because paris and i are going to santa barbara to see beck play in a few hours.

would you all mind letting me know if there was a story or a post or something like that that you remember being particularilly good, or one that struck you as funny, or touching, etc?

not only would i totally appreciate it, but if i get enough suggestions from you nice people, perhaps i can put together a new book.


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