while i was on vacation a lot of crazy ass shit went down

that the xbi may or may not have been involved in.

there was a train wreck of a train coming out of palm springs to la.

i discovered that my rental car cd player played mp3s.

and i read this caption underneath the picture to the left, “Indian tribal girl Karnamoni Handsa, 9, looks at her husband, a two-year old dog named Bachchan, in Khanyan, 60 km (37 miles) northwest from Calcutta, state capital of the eastern Indian state of West Bengal June 19, 2003. “

the good people of Khanyan wed the nine year old to the dog to ward off evil spirits, the caption told me.

now, if you were an evil spirit, dont you think you’d feel at home in a town where two-year old dogs were getting married off

to underaged girls?

theyre both kids for god sake.

i dont date married chicks, but could i say no to someone who had been hitched to a dog since she was nine?

if i pet him would that mean i was gay?

what if i took him for a walk?

thats gay.

its gotta be.

i havent had a dog since i was a little kid, and back then we didnt have to pick up the dog doo, but i guess people have to nowadays – at least here in hollywood.

so if i met some girl, and she was married to a dog, and me and him took a little walk, and i watched him poopie, and then i picked it up

im home now.

crazy ass shit really did go down here.

best of all was the new blogger pro got implemented in my sector of the rockosphere.

this is the first post ive made on it.

i think it looks hot.

on first post i see that the edit link is a the top, which is much more convenient. you dont have to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the post.

old posts are accessible with drop-down menus now instead of the tedious back arrow: perfect when youre going back in your archives for old posts to republish when you go on vacation!

it also just feels so much more sturdy.

for example, and ive never even uttered this complaint to a soul. not even outloud, but when i wanted to highlight a word to link to a different site highlighting the word took equal parts luck and skill to get the whole word with no spaces in front or behind.

now you can even highlight a single letter, or two letters in a word. not that i would be doing that very often. but maybe a hidden link or two in a long phrase might be fun sometimes.

i also like that the “view blog” doesnt jump to a different window, you view it within the bottom half of the blogger window.

is it really 1:24am?

a sorority girl experiences snoop dogg live + gorilla mask + bettie girl

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